Age 33 – More stable emotions, more confident, more attractive to women


I’m 33. [I quit due to the] normal symptoms; socially awkward, social avoidance, didn’t go out and chase women because I didn’t need to. [Now,] I just feel stronger all around. Mostly mentally. The physical strength will come if you choose to spend your energy in the gym or running or doing some physical activity.

After a few weeks, I just kinda stopped checking the number. Stay strong bretheren, I say this over and over, but just get past the first two weeks. After that, it gets easier.

Yes, this is real life.

The best way I can describe the difference between me now and me 100 days ago is one of those heart rate monitor things where the line goes ALL up and down all over the place when the heart beats, then flattens out between heartbeats. I feel like my life and my energy, and my state of mind was all over the place, now I’m more flattened out. More “predictable” emotionally. More stable. More confident. Easier to cope with things that would have severely stressed me out before.

And definitely more energy! I’ve been consistently going to the gym 3-4 times per week, something I could have probably done for a week, maybe two when I was fapping before I lost interest and gave up. Now, if I i miss two days in a row I get mad at myself and just force myself to go.

What else? Yes, strong attraction from women for sure. Women pick up on fappers. Fappers just don’t have the same subconscious confidence that exudes when you’re clear headed.

Stop fapping and you’ll stop giving a fuck about everything!

EDIT: Oh, and do pushups. Just fucking do them. Do 5. Who cares. You don’t need a reason. Just do 5 right now.

Then do 15 later.

Then before you go to bed, do 10 more. Doesn’t have to be a lot. Just keep doing them. You’ll start to do more when your body tells you to do more.

LINK – Just realized I’m approaching 100 days.

By Tee_Money