Age 33 – Ten years of ED: Just married, ED is completely gone.

I have not posted here in a long time and i just wanted to make one more post. I’m writing this because I wanted to share the success of my journey and hopefully inspire more people to stick with giving up Porn.

For those of you who want to read my whole story I believe that there is a link to my previous thread at the bottom of this post. But as for a short recap, I had been addicted to PMO since a very young age, about high school or so. I was 33 when I decided to quit PMO and I had severe ED and intimacy issues. The journey was very difficult, and while I never had a P relapse, I had many MO relapses. I suffered from terrible mood swings and headaches, as well as more than one flatline. As far as quitting MO, I would go about a month without and then I would cave in. But I was still noticing positive results after about the first month or so.

However, sometime around day 100 of quitting P, I decided to ask out my Yoga instructor. That was a bit of a gamble as I was still not out of the woods so to speak. However we started dating and got very close. She wanted to take it slow at first, which was perfect for me. After a couple of months we decided to have sex. I was terrified. I had not successfully maintained an erection with a girl for about 10 years or so. But I managed to do it and after, I was so happy I had to laugh.

Since then I’d had some ED problems with her and I explained to her my addiction and how it was affecting me. That was another big gamble as she is Japanese and does not speak English. However, I managed to explain it to her and discuss my struggle with her and she was completely understanding.

Since then we have grown very close and I am happy to announce that we got married last month! I am happier then I have ever been in my entire life and my ED is completely gone. Even if I MO from time to time it does not affect my performance anymore. Sometimes I have trouble finishing while wearing a condom, but even that is beginning to get better. We are having a great time now and looking forward to having kids in the near future. A year ago I would have never imagined this and now it is a reality!

Guys, don’t give up! I am living proof that this works. I know right now it seems hard and you may want to quit quitting, but that is the worst thing you could possibly do. Even if you have a relapse, just get back up and try again. I guarantee it is worth it. If you guys have any questions, I will be checking this post periodically for a little while. However, this is going to be my last major post here.

I just wanted to thank everyone for all of their support. Also to the hosts of this forum for providing such a great platform for people like me for whom a face to face support group is an impossibility. I could not have done this without a place to share my journey and the journeys of people like me going through the same experiences.

Good luck everyone and enjoy the new you.

Just Married!

By quittininjapan

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