Age 34 – 12 years of ED: Fully cured.

Went through my teens and 20’s unable to get hard for a gir – now here I am at age 34 making up for lost time..fully cured

A Plan That Works To Cure ED!

Ok guys…I have finally been able to fix this problem. I have been seeing this girl for the past 6 weeks and for the past 2 weeks we have been having amazing sex. My penis is totally hard, no ED problems..NADA…its been freaking great and I’m so proud of myself for doing the things I”ve done to accomplish this goal. I’d like to help out any of you if I can. Please listen up. This advice really works and will improve your ED problems.

The first thing you got to do to overcome this problem is get a good streak of no PMO going. For me, it all started last November when I decided to really tackle this problem head on. I pretty much stopped watching porn and mostly stopped masturbating. I’d probably do it once or twice a week using pics. Then I went through 3 women and I was so into one that I actually went 48 days without masturbating or porn or anything. That was the turning point. Since then I’ve relapsed several times…but I kept the relapses to just that one time and went out and tried to have sex with whoever would have me. Finally I met this girl named Elisa. She was very nice to me and helped me with my problem. This girl is a real pro at sucking cock. Never had a BJ as good as hers. So, finally she’s sucking my dick one day about 2 weeks ago, we’re in the back seat of my car..and I tell her to take her pants off and she does..I get her on tope of me and let her slide my cock inside of her..she grinded on me for about 8 minutes before I climaxed..since then we’ve been like rabbits…

anyway, a couple of things to keep in mind. The key is to never give up guys. Don’t be afraid to try to have sex. Be open with the women you are having sex with. They will be understanding of your problem. Don’t let it freak you out too much. Go out and have fun..masturbate but don’t look at porn and try very hard to get a streak going of no PMO. That will do wonders for your me, I know


by ted93704