Age 34 – 8 years of ED (graphs showing progress over several months)

This is my first time posting but I have found this site to be a huge resource for this addiciton.  I started experiencing ED at age 26, while in college and am now 34. That’s 8 years of my life, at my sexual prime, that porn stole from me.

Quick backstory: I started watching porn when I was a teenager, but back then it was magazines, which turned into very slow internet with pictures, and eventually high speed internet with constant 3-4 hours of binge watching porn.

For the last 5 years of PIED it was as if I couldn’t even feel my penis anymore, I didn’t even remember what morning wood was like, and I could go weeks without a boner unless I was watching porn. I have a beautiful wife who I hid my viagra and porn usage from for 5 years. The problem was that I HATED taking viagra. Not only did I have to meticulously time out when her and I would have sex, but I hated the headaches and feeling that came with that stuff. It made me not want to have sex at all.

It never occured to me that porn was my problem, and I consider it the greatest day in my adult life that I picked up a magazine (completely by chance) in a drug store with an article titled “Is porn interfering with your sex drive?” After that I researched PIED and had my eyes completely opened.

Quitting is hard. Period. The hardest part for me was wondering, “will this work?” I am here to tell you right now that, yes, it 100% does. My journey began a year and a half ago. I had many starts and stops, with my longest no porn period being 8 weeks. At a certain point a realized I had been trying to quit porn for 1 year, and that I was delaying re-starting my sex life each time I backslid into porn again. At a certain point I decided to track my progress, since data is what I do in my professional life. What I have created now with data is my proof to all of you that quitting porn will make you normal again.

Legend: p=porn; db = daily boner; m = masturbation; mw = morning wood; ns = normal sex (no viagra, no ED)

The first graph are weekly rates of each topic. You’ll notice a strong correlation of not watching porn and the number of daily boners I had. A daily boner I defined as an erection I had during the course of the day that was due to me being turned on by any reason other than porn. This also does not include boners where I had to rub myself in order to get hard. These are erections where just thinking about something, or being around my wife got me hard. The big thing to notice is that once I decided to quit permanently, my number of daily boners is cyclical, meaning they are high one week, and low the next. Oddly enough it seems to follow a 3 week pattern for a while. The weeks where the my daily boners were low I found to be the hardest weeks of the process. These are the “flatlines,” and it’s very easy to turn back to porn just to try and get your daily boner count back up. You start thinking that maybe this isn’t working, but I’m telling you, these are the most important times to stick to your resolve.

I did also graph all of this daily, looking for patterns of masturbation, daily boners, porn, etc. After tracking that daily for 6 months, I couldn’t find any reproducible pattern. It seems as though our brains sexual responses are more gradual, taking weeks to form a pattern rather than days.

The next graph displays monthly rates of each topic. You’ll notice here that the “flatlines”, peaks and valleys really smooth out and the true healing of the brain shows itself.

Now, the purple bars are the “normal sex,” and these are the times where I had completely normal, no anxiety, boners like I was 18 again, sex. Not only am I having normal sex again, but I am aware of my penis during the day, it feels like its there again. Sometimes just by thinking about my penis it will start to get hard, just like when I was a teenager.

I don’t consider myself completely healed yet, and I’m going to continue tracking my progress. As for porn, I still miss it every day, however, being back to myself after 8 years of hell is incredible! I wish you all luck and hope that this message can help you in your recovery

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by Jason242