Age 34 – Changed my life forever: I re-discovered another kind of sex

I wasn’t really striving to reach the ninety day mark. I am not compelled to start fapping again. My relationship is at a high point. I re-discovered another kind of sex with my loved one, one void of stereotypes, anxiety and ultimate frustration.

I had a feeling this morning that I should be reaching the ninety day mark and after logging in I saw my 90th day.

I am convinced I am transformed and porn is only a remote memory.

The first three to four weeks were the hardest. After that I just managed to glide forward. Whenever I would get a slight impulse to fap I would just log-in to Nofap and read others’ stories to get encouraged.

Counting the time I spent fapping every week it would be over 10 – 15 hours. This is all free time to spend learning and doing all kinds of stuff.

I felt I couldn’t pass the day without celebrating with all of you and, most importantly thanking those who have contributed to this change. This community and the changes it encourages are truly life changing. Thank you, thank you, thank you a million times.

LINK – 90 days changed my life forever

by SharpTune