Age 34 – Regained self-confidence and self-respect, lots of time, tons of energy


I am a rare writer here, but this one is obligatory: thank you NoFap for the whole idea and all the support. This is a BIG thing, that we can help each other here.

So…: I did not fap since 90 and didn’t see any porn since like 150 days. I’m rather “older” with my 34 years, but hey, it`s never too late. I pretty calmly revised who I am, what I am and started working hard on my goals. This is the most important thing I did. I’m only looking for the future days now. I chose NoFap soft mode, but since I’m not in a committed relationship, I went the very most of the days virtually hard-mode. The other few days were a nice adventure, which wouldn’t happen without NoFap…

What I`ve REgained:

  • self-confidence and self-respect
  • lots of time
  • tons of energy

Best trick I have heard here (it surely is reposted from time to time): the “I do not fap” attitude. Like: “My name is M., I have brown eyes, I like matte black cars. I DO NOT FAP”. Just like that, this is my mindset. I am calm and confident about it.

Of course I have had drawbacks in the past. But always looking for the future and coming here back and reading helped me a lot. I visited NoFap every time I felt a bad urge and it helped me on more than on 30 “occasions”. Now I don’t need to come here too often. Once a week or two, just to check in.

By some coincidence (?) today was also my last day at my ‘old’ job. I don’t want to show off, but I think it’s nice to tell – next job will bring me four times more net cash 🙂

Do not fap guys, save your energy for your relatives and friends, for own future and true dreams. I’ll be back here with a one year mark “My name is M., I have brown eyes, I own a matte black fun car. I DO NOT FAP” post.

LINK – 90? It’s in the bag…

by 90dni