Age 34 – The incredible benefits of a reboot

I am 34. After 100+ days of ‘hard mode’, I relapsed a few months ago. During those 100 days, incredible changes took place within me.

Rather, it helped me return to myself, someone who obsessively read, painted, explored photography. It all came back after years of brain fog and numbness to life.

And then I relapsed. I battled it when I could, but I kept slipping. All of the new projects I had embarked upon were starting to fall by the wayside.

Then on a work trip, feeling numb and lifeless, I noticed an incredible sunset during a drive – and I was jolted by the sheer fact that I hadn’t even noticed my surrounding for weeks or months. Yes, that’s what it does to you – the world passes by with incredible sensory beauty, and brain ignores all of that, craving the flat panel screen and nothing else. How bizarre, come to think of it.

I restarted again a few days ago – hard mode. Within three days, I have started reading again, and signed up for a bunch of OpenCourseware from MIT to get deeper into my interests.

The best thing about this: you suddenly find the mindspace to explore your own abilities, and that may one day show you more life than you can ever find on the screen. Stick to it, brothers and sisters.

thread – The incredible benefits of reboot

by bravades