Age 35 – ED, 90 day report, regular sex with partner

So, I am past my 90 day mark. I’m 35 and had had this nagging feeling for perhaps a couple of years that fapping has been a huge drain on my time and energy for, like, two decades, man. I don’t remember how I found this sub, but I felt like this was just the ticket for me.

For me not fapping for 45 days was suprisingly easy. This may have been partly because my fatlines timed themselves conveniently, or for whatever reasons unknown to me.

Pretty early on, I got into dating, met someone incredible and had sex with her on day 45 and kind of regularly since then. The day before yesterday I had a threesome with her and her girlfriend. How’s that for incentive for all you pervs. I’m not bragging, just seriously giving you guys food for thought about what kind of real lives you could all be living if you can stay away from fapping and give your body and mind time to heal. And I realize I got insanely lucky half way through my process, meeting this woman. Actually, strike the part about half way. I don’t really feel close to being fully healed yet, because my erections are often a little precarious and the orgasms are weird sometimes.

Feel free to AMA.

Some of the NoFap Superpowers I noticed pretty early on were:

  • Ease of maintaining eye contact
  • Enjoyment of people’s company
  • Tolerance for some of the assholes at school
  • Willingness and energy to excercise
  • Getting shit done, such as cleaning and school work
  • Real women began to appear a lot more attractive
  • Basically I was just feeling like a million bucks after the first two weeks or so

I don’t miss porn or fapping and I can have a glances at images I accidentally come across on the inter webs without being sucked into finding more. It’s like I know it will lead to no good and the brief fun is not worth the consequences. At this point I don’t think I’ll ever get back to regular fapping.

As much as I would love to, I cannot really give you guys advice on how to heal yourselves. I don’t feel qualified because, as I said, it was weirdly easy for me.

Why I wrote this half-assed report in my tired state is mainly because I want to wholeheartedly recommend NoFap and inspire you to heal yourselves.

Edit: Oh yeah, I also quit drinking. I had been having at least one beer almost every day and usually a couple. Not anymore. I’ll have a beer or two sometimes, but I’m no longer getting much enjoyment out of it. I suspect it has something to do with my dopamines or something.

LINK Brief 90 report, or How NoFap Changed My Life.

by nekrozion