Age 35 – Marriage is much improved, mental fog is clearing, greater confidence

I completed 90 days today. First 60 days was in Hard mode. I am a 35 year old married man from India with 20 years of fapping and 10 years of fapping to Porn. My experiences and thoughts: Superpowers appeared in the very first week and promptly left me around day 15.

 My interpretation is that 1) the initial surge of doing nofap wears off and 2) my body and mind adjusted the “superpowered” state as the new normal.

Nofap gave me confidence and extra time. Mental fog is clearing. However, I didn’t really use the energy and time in a very fruitful way – I dabbled with C25K running and some basic exercise but didn’t continue. My general attitude is definitely more positive.

I cut TV out of my life. Realized how sexualized everything is. Read more books (Kindle came very handy). Sleeping more and drinking less. I have lost 10 pounds.

My relationship with Wife has improved. Ours marriage is three year old and things in bed was really awful. I didn’t perform well (well duh) and lot of marital problem originated from there. Wife went to depression and we fought a lot. I had way too much sexual expectation from her and I was bitter that she is not rising up to my porn-influenced standard. After starting nofap, it is heading towards the right direction. My mind is still far from being cured but the healing process has started.

After nofap, I live my each day with full of sexual desire and unfulfilled release. Somehow, this unreleased tension generates confidence, manliness and a daring attitude. I am not eager to avoid fights or hard conversations at work because I live with discomfort. This feeling is not all that bad and it is the way it is supposed to be.

I don’t call myself cured but there is no doubt in my mind that nofap is working. Old habits die hard and I know that it takes one slip and five minutes in front from internet to go back to the zero. Fuck the zero. I am not born to play with myself in a dark corner of room. I am born in this world to see, feel, travel, experience, provide, change and improve.

This forum has been a great source of inspiration for me. You guys rock!

LINK – Completed 90 days! Thanks Nofap!

by lifeonwater