Age 35 – Married: I do feel great, more confident, and less tired.

I’m not sure what my counter says, but today is officially 90 days for me of no pm. There were some ups and downs but I’m feeling strong now. I had about once a week O, longest stretch was 3 weeks. I’m mid 30s, married. Didn’t start fapping until college.

Whenever I’d feel like fapping, I’d log in here and read both success and failure stories and both were motivation. I’ve tried this before finding nofap and only made it 3 weeks, so this definitely made the difference.

I did something I call “realasizing”. Like fantasizing, but real. If I’d look at a girl and normally say, she is hot, then I’d have to follow up with a few thoughts of reality – look at that expensive purse, I bet she spends a lot of money. Being cheap, this is a huge turn off for me! Anyways, they’d all end with a comparison to my actual wife and that is no contest in the real world. I knew it took hold when I had a dream about cheating and it ended with the girl telling my wife while I was there and we were all crying, and I woke up crying. My sub conscious got into it.

I was also motivated by a post that said make it to 90 days by just not doing it. Do whatever else you have to do.

I’m not sure about the super power, but I do feel great, more confident, and less tired. When I’m stressed, I no longer think of fapping to calm down, it’s just not an option like it was before. I have had a lot of success at work lately and haven’t felt nearly as stressed.

Thanks to everyone that posts here, they are all a big help.

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