Age 36 – Depression lifting


Keeping this post simple. What I am attributing to my new life free of my addiction to MO/PMO:

-Whereas before in social situations/environments I seemed to be in some way withdrawn within myself; and socialising was all the more dissatisfying for that. It seems I do have previously blocked reserves of ‘spirit’ or ‘power’ that make that part of life so much more enjoyable and less fraught than before.

-It seems that my previously disordered, confused and confusing mentality to sex – and its place as part of life. Is getting a good old recalibration. I am beginning to see how much what I thought of what sex was, was in fact the fog of addiction

-I have been in seriously poor spirits for much of two decades. I do seem to experience a lifting of the fug of depression

Happy Friday Faptranauts!

P.S I forgot to mention, I can now fly, I started karate class’s last week and became a black belt yesterday. And such is the force of my charisma that having been ‘discovered’ walking down the street I have been appointed as supreme leader of the western nation I was citizen of.

LINK – 61 day’s without MO/PMO/O – Real results

by waterworld