Age 36 – ED cured in 42 days

I got laid and everything worked great. No ED. I’m really glad I did this. I’m 36. First fap was in 6th grade. I stole a stack of 70s Playboys from my Dad’s cabinet. Have been pretty interested in fapping since. Always thought it was normal. It was cool to hear in 9th grade health class that it actually was considered ‘normal’. Then, the internet came into my life and offered up never-ending novelty. In the beginning, I searched only for new hot girls. Like most dudes, eventually, I moved on to searching for other types of fetish stuff. Fast forwarding, edging and endless searches for new and different stuff. In the past few years, I found myself watching more and more internet porn. Porn had become hi-speed, hi-definition and mostly FREE. This is where the problems started. NEVER-ENDING novelty is not natural. Eventually, I lost interest in having sex with my ex. She was beautiful, she was awesome in bed, and still, she wasn’t enough for me because I was edging, looking at 20 or more hot porn stars each day….She left. Of course she left and I can’t blame her one bit.

Then, I spent a couple of lonely years looking at a lot of internet porn and had a few random hook ups and some random PE and ED here and there. Then I got to spend an entire weekend with a beautiful girl that I knew VERY WELL from my home town!! I was really stoked to be with her and really excited at what I totally knew was about to happen…And then, nothing happened. I had ED. All weekend. We tried….ahem…SHE TRIED….over and over. I was super embarrassed. It was one of the worst weekends of my life. She was really nice, but I can only imagine what she was thinking. It was tough on my libido for sure. That’s when things had to change. I started doing research on ED in young guys. I knew that I was still too young (36) to be worrying about that stuff. Then I saw the TED Speech. If you haven’t seen it. Do yourself a favor and watch it. It changed my life.

I quit fapping 42 days ago. It was really quite difficult in the beginning, but also not near as hard as I thought it’d be. I learned about the process before my “quit date” and prepared my mind. I wanted to use my energy in more positive ways, so before my quit date, I purchased a weight bench, weights, a pull-up bar, some push-up grips, a blender (for smoothies) and a ton of food. I was ready. I couldn’t believe how fast I felt changes. Almost immediately, I felt stronger mentally and physically. I felt happier, less nervous in social scenarios. I felt my brain working faster. I felt like I was funny and actually surprised myself at the laughs I was getting. After one week, I felt amazing.

After 14 days, I was in total flatline. I had the terrified turtle head going. I knew it was natural and I was glad SOMETHING was happening, but I was not so happy about ‘it’ shriveling up and looking so damn small. Also, I was emotional. I cried at everything. I was bored. I focused on getting things done and it seemed to work. My workouts were awesome. I kept reading this thread and kept staying busy. The days started to turn into weeks. I quit biting my fingernails and never even thought about it. I started to get some muscles. I started to get morning wood. I haven’t had morning wood in YEARS. Then.

Suddenly. After 39 days, A hot girl wanted to hang out with me. Having sex with her was not planned. I was so scared of having ED. She was so hot, so I didn’t know what would happen if I got the chance. I got the chance. I’ve never felt such a release as I did when I PEd in her hand 11 seconds after she unzipped my fly. lol I think I shot a hole through the wall. Luckily, she was willing to try again in the morning…(I was too nervous/scared to try PIV again that night.) The next morning, everything worked incredibly well!!! Trust me, I was so happy and relieved. We’ve had PIV sex quite a few times since and things are REALLY WORKING. I may not be fully cured, but my ED seems to be gone. I actually TOLD HER about NOFAP. She is so awesome. I think it has made her like and appreciate me even MORE.

Considering my initial goal and my reason for NOFAP was to have awesome PIV sex with an actual real girl, I feel like I have accomplished my initial goal. I think my ED reboot took about 35-37 days. I probably cut it pretty close, but only because I had the chance to test it out. Keep in mind. YMMV I know that there’s still a long road ahead. I know it won’t be easy. I’m proud of me. I’m never looking at internet porn again. If you have any questions, I’m here to help….I’m no expert, but I feel awesome right now. 42 Days!! I’m so stoked! Got Laid…NO ED!!! Here’s my full story. by Vespaio43 days

UPDATE Day 76 –

Brothers. NoFap has been an awesome adventure for me. I have not fapped in 76 days. The reason I am writing this post is b/c I just got my first girlfriend in 3 years. And fellas, she’s really hot! A real life traffic-stopper. Maybe the prettiest girl I’ve ever dated. And, she’s cool and sweet, and she likes me too???

Holy, Holy, Holiest of Craps. Crazy, right?

I’m not trying to make anyone jealous…I’m trying to motivate you my brothers. I can’t really explain how this happened!! All I know is that I took on this challenge with an open mind and a bit of serious motivation because I had a bit of ED….I was embarrassed and bummed out for about 6 months. Then I started this challenge. Here’s my story if you care:

I just want to say this again. NoFap really works!! I can’t explain why or how…but the results are in and I have no more ED and also, ahem, a hot g/f. My goal was to cure ED. Done and done. The pretty girlfriend just fell into my NoFappin’ lap!! Mahalo to NoFap and all my brother Fapstronauts for being awesome and supportive. This process has changed my life. I will never look at internet porn again.

Aloha!! Vespaio

UPDATE: Day 90

Today is officially my birthday. I’m 37. The past three months have been AWESOME….I couldn’t be more stoked. I have not fapped one single time in 90 days and I feel GREAT. I have gone through an amazing transformation. My ED is a distant memory. I have muscles!?!??? I have a pretty girlfriend!?!??? I’m getting laid. Everything is beautiful.

Thanks to the NoFap community for all the support. I really appreciate all you fapstronauts. Thanks for all of the positive words of encouragement! I’m never looking at internet porn again. Woooooo!!

LINK – Celebrating 90 days on my Birthday!! I’m so STOKED!!

by Vespaio