Age 36 – Life completely turned around, finally

2013 Jan:

  • Business broken down,
  • Not working,
  • No energy to do anything,
  • $500k debt,
  • no girl friend,
  • Weight was 220 pounds.

2013: March: Did nofap for 90 days – then relapsed several times in between, now at 62 days.

  • got energy back,
  • recovered business,
  • rediscovered myself,
  • started and saved the business,
  • worked on it like no tomorrow,
  • restarted business, and
  • started presentations to angel Investors met amazing people,they saw that I had awesome energy , when I told them that I have 500k personal debt, they were surprised with the energy I have with the debt , so convinced them to invest 400k in the startup ( only products ideas one demo was done )and asked them to take care of my debt 500k for 55% stake in my company. You have no idea ,they agreed. I was like wow. I didn’t have any other solution for my debt or startup, but the investors seemed spellbound with product ideas and energy. They started taking care of my debt, they started paying my debtors one by one. Also are investing in my startup.

I was wondering why did I succeed this time, it was all due to the new found energy and confidence from nofap. My presentations are crispier , I am more energetic and also I speak with clarity. It’s obvious that I will succeed in the long term with my product ideas but all one can see today is energy n drive n persistence. I had all three.

I couldn’t believe that I got my life back after 2 years of debts struggles and issues, thank you fapstraunauts for the support. I am going to be debt free and also wealthy in a years time.

My problems are Internet related. Since I was 18, the Internet porn took over completely. It’s like everyday I used to spend 2 or 3 hours on fapping,Imagine time lost to it. 8000 hours of time wasted on Internet porn out of 50000 hours productive time we have in life.Yes it was kind of addiction.I feel you can’t believe the kind of confidence nofap brings to you, it’s like that 18 year old(I am 36) having a blast of life.

Life changes with nofap, just stick to it for a year n see the results. At times nofap is Herculean task but once you overcome the urges ,you will become unstoppable.

  • About weight: I am doing exercise consistently for last 30 days, miles to go I am 210 pounds now. I feel in next six months weight will be around 180 pounds.
  • About women: I am 36 year old, so it’s difficult but I started going out met few girls had number closed 10 of them, date closed 2.

LINK – Day62 : Life turned around finally.

by Cheerfulme


100 days report: Into the orbit fapstronauts!

This is going to be long one, I will try to keep it simple with bullet points.

  • 1.) Energy: It’s said that life evolves because of energy. Where did I spend my life 18 years of energy? Almost 2 hours a day on porn , not counting the loss of energy after that to do anything. It’s this energy which is back with me. I have more energy, more fuel to accomplish things I have set out to do.
  • 2.) Health : Feel vibrantly healthy and radiantly beautiful. I don’t have anxiety of any sort anymore.Sure once in a while feel anxious that’s human I guess. I am still to loose weight ,currently about 204 pounds, need to loose good 2 stones.Working on it, need to hit gym.
  • 3.) Business: I was literally at the brink of collapsing and fall into unimaginable problems, used all my newfound energy to circumvent that.Created new channels of sales and also revived old business models. It takes hell a lot of energy to push through in the face impending collapse, I must say I somehow managed to hold tight and I am really proud of myself. I think I need another 3 months to say “business is out of storm.”
  • 4.)Women: Met 2 strangers( in coffee shops) and made good friends Unfortunately both were taken but it was good opening. Chatting with 1 online,she is conservative to give number, yesterday she was saying how she missed my Dm on twitter. Got couple of real actress to respond to me on twitter, it was huge relief finally felt validated.Speaking with one more on phone, don’t know how things will go but I am sure at this rate I will get a girl friend with in 3 months,that too the one I desire.
  • 5.) Wealth: Got good progress in last 30 days,Working on it and ensuring that I will be “business debt free” by year end, yes my business is in debt, so working on solutions to ensure that I am completely debt free. By the time I hit 180 days I must there looking back and saying thank you reddit you saved a life and saved atleast 10 people’s jobs. I just don’t think, I would have pulled through what I did, had I not been on nofap. Nofap created another chance for me at my business.
  • 6.) Personal: Read books, not wasting time on movies, porn or music, I listen when I am in a coffee shop thats it. Much more focussed on my goals and also trying to find solutions to expedite them. I am slowly realizing that every dream is possible including my dream of creating a new world city….where nitizens can say its my city.
  • 7.) Warmheart felt thanks for sharing on nofap. It’s the community which pushed me to achieve what I did today, thanks for sharing and comments on nofap everyone.Edit: I felt the last point was kind of touchy, so edited it . Thanks everyone.

 by Cheerfulme100 days