Age 36 – My mind is back to normal, and I function and perform like a normal adult male.

Don’t know if any of you remember me, but it will be two years this December since I began my healing. (search for my journal) So, an update after going on two years now…

I am porn free!!! The very thought of it makes me sick. I have zero desire to view it. There is now very little M in my life. A huge reason i got into P was because my wife denied me sex for so long. We had some long talks, and because of this, and many other reasons, I’m happy to say that I have divorced her. The books No More Mr Nice Guy, and Married Mans Sex Life were huge in getting me to come to this decision. I truly feel like a new man. As for the effects of PMO, they are now almost all gone. My dick is no longer a shriveled up mess. I’m actually proud of it now. My life is so much better. It’s completely new! And, the best part, I have an amazing new GF. She is the best woman I’ve ever met. and, as a huge bonus, she is absolutely gorgeous!!

All of you that are still in the early stages, keep with the program. it works!!

September 12, 2014

LINK – Still kicking ass!!

BY LeWeaze



August 23, 2013

Re: A new life!

Well, here it is, 243 days since I’ve looked at P. I’ve Med maybe half a dozen times. And guess what?! I’m cured!! Cured of EVERYTHING PMO has done to me. My mind is back to normal, and I function and perform like a normal adult male. My regular hang now looks amazing! So good in fact, there’s days I’d like to tie a leash to it and walk it around the block. Morning wood is back very frequently, and rock solid. I now get hard just by kissing, or even a touch. When I have sex, it performs better than ever. No PE, no DE. She gets off, I get off. Just like it should be.

Onto my personal life…. pretty much done with my wife. About a month ago when I was out east working, I had a long talk with her and told her how I felt, and she was doing to hurt me. She was shocked, and promised to change. I flew home for two weeks, where I am now, to talk and spend some time together. I can all her changes are an act, and only temporary. I go back out to work in a few days, and will not be coming home. She doesn’t know that yet, though. I landed an awesome new job out there, a job like I never dreamed I would have.

Also have, I hate to use the term GF but don’t know what else to call her, out there. She’s a few years older than me. We have so much in common and have so much fun when we’re together. We have great conversations, and as a bonus, she’s just flat out smoking hot!!!!! So, yeah, I achieved what the title of my journal says. A new life.



December 26, 2012

A new life!

Call me Weaze (aka Weazletoe) I’m 35 and married for 15 years. Last six months or so, I can’t get, or when I do, keep it up for sex. MY wife is the love of my life and I find her unbelievably attractive / sexy. I have a high sex drive, and for the past 7 or 8 years, hers not so much. First few years of marriage were great. Sex almost every day. sometimes multiple times. LAst few, not so much. Weeks may go by. So, Like a fool, I turned to PMO. Now, I have gotten her to understand how important a sex life is to me, by now I find myself with ED. I figured it was anxiety, as there were such long streatches of not having sex, and then what I refer to as pity sex.  So, I began researching ED, and came across PIED. This is me!! I feel awful, but now realize it can be fixed. Today is day one of my new life. Please help stay on track, and get my life back in order. I see the many who have been helped here already, and know I too, will be one.

I have a strange work schedule. A month on, a month to two months off. I am just beginnig the two month off period. This is the hardest time for me, especially nights. Gotta find other activities to fill my time, and preoccupy myself. I have a mancave out back where I spend most of my time. I brew beer, play drums, and race RC cars. I need to stay focused on other things than PMO. What’s more, and probably my biggest motivation, I am religious, and this goes against all I know and stand for. I need to stop, so I can have a clear conscience before my creator. These feelings are awful. I’m just in a bad spot. I’m so happy I learned about this. PIED is just the extra motivation I need to stop PMO. I know what a better person I will be. Thank you all in advanced


UPDATE JUNE 28, 2015 It works!!!

I began this bak on 12-26-2012. Now, over three years later, I am porn free, for over  2 1/2 years now. I am remarried to a woman who is more amazing and more beautiful than anyone I’ve ever met, and we HAVE SEX!!! My dick functions normal. Anyone wh is still working, keep at it. You WILL be normal again.