Age 36 – Social anxiety is totally vanished, Learned how totally sex addicted I am

hi fapstronauts,

here is a short report of my abstinence so far…

i had 6 wet dreams during 93 days hardmode. the last week was the hardest week for me. i have strong cramps in my head but i am still fighting. i dont want to relapse. my first goal is 115 days hardmode.

what changed so far?

– social anxiety is totally vanished
– body is in good shape like never before
– realized how incredible sex and pornaddicted i am


my main problem is that i have no sexual release any more (no girlfriend). so there is a very strong pressure in my head. i have to handle this pressure somehow. no matter what i do (sports or meditation) the pressure is always there.


with the help of this website i was able to recognize that i am heavily sex addicted – thanks nofap. this is an addiction so there must be a way to cure it. in my opinion it is all about willpower. the power to say no – even if it is sometimes indescribable hard. i am 36 years old and this is my hardest fight so far.

to all warriors in this forum – good luck and be strong!

edit: without this abstinence i would have fapped about 190 times and i would have visited about 15 prostitutes in 93 days.

Thread: 93 days hardmode (a short report)

By – monkotto



Hi fapstronauts,

here is another success story. my journeys so far:

first – 104 days hardmode (relapse: 3 times fapping with watching two hours porn)
second – 114 days hardmode (relapse: 2 times fapping with a few pornpics)
third – 73 days hardmode – current journey

in total 291 days with 5 times masturbation. For a sex-and-porn-monster like me this is insane!

I started hardmode by myself – after 4 days i found this forum. I can’t describe how enormous this forum helped me in this brute fight.

In the first three weeks i read posts like a maniac. i realized that there is something called porn addiction! Damn i was not alone. And this forum showed me that a cure is possible.

This forum is full with knowledge about porn addiction.

My most important experiences/insights…

1 – don’t panic you will have many wet dreams, they are a part of this challenge.

2 – Don’t panic after relapsing – just don’t binge! Start again.

3 – Read success stories over and over again!

4 – Always tell yourself:
“I have the choice to watch or to avoid porn – no one is forcing me to watch this fake and damaging stuff!”

5 – Don’t blame the porn industry! There is no porn director standing behind you with a gun in his hand and forcing you to watch his “valuable art” called porn! we are not victims of the porn industry, we are victims of our own (uncontrolled) passion. we are visiting porn websites consciously, we are moving the mouse!

6 – Do sports – the best substitute for sex and porn.

7 – Find a real hobby. Doing sports is not a hobby it is a part of life.
Hobbies for example: watching soccer, playing guitar, cooking, baking bread, dancing in your room, walking like robocop etc.

8 – the most important facts for me are:
I don’t want to watch other people having sex – while sitting alone in front of a pc-screen and spanking the monkey!
I want real sex with real women IN REAL LIFE. Hell yeah i want real relationships!
furthermore i want to stop pollution caused by enormous use of toilet paper!

9 – Help new fapstronauts. This move supports your own reboot.

10 – Don’t snivel like a three-year-old. This is not a pony farm. This is sparta! 

Be strong and stand up after a relapse.
I will add some good and helpful threads to this post.
There are many (many many many!) excellent threads in this forum.

Thanks to all mods for the work they are doing here.
Some flowers for the mods (sorry the music in the vid is gruesome).


If you are a nofap-greenhorn, read the following thread every morning before breakfast.
It is helpful and informative.…-rebooting-extremely-long-but-valuable.36668/