Age 36 – Two years to make 90 days: The difference is like night and day.

I joined Reddit in about June 2012, this is a different account, I lurked here for a long time before I joined officially.

I discovered NoFap when it made its way into my main feed, through popular upvoting. I read it solely out of curiosity. I’d never heard anything about people quitting PMO before. It was like breathing to me, I’d never even considered for a moment once that I’d ever stop like I have. It was something I was always going to do, and enjoy.

I originally tried NoFap because many people seemed to think that stopping PMO had made a positive difference to their lives. Some claiming “superpowers”. But, I saw it for what it was, that people felt more than they did before. I wondered if it were actually true, and jumped on board.

So, the 90 day challenge, that’s got to be easy I thought to myself. It wasn’t, for me.

It’s taken me about 2 years and a couple of months thereabouts to make it to 90 days.

Before this streak, I very nearly packed in NoFap altogether. I was going to go back to my old ways.

I genuinely am pleased I didn’t.

I do not feel superhuman. But as of right now, having come out of the flatline not too long ago, I feel really good. I have plenty of energy, I feel positive about things.

Comparing how I was when I used to fap, to how I am now that I don’t.

It’s night and day.

— For those of you interested, my posts along the journey since joining this subreddit just noting some of my experiences with this —

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Well, it’s my bed time soon. So I’m going to slumber.

Oh, and before I go, no I’m never going to PMO ever again. I have no wish or desire to return to that life. I look forward to having a loving relastionship with someone. No more porn. I’m done.

LINK –90 day challenge complete (at last).

by OldWaysExpired