Age 37 – ED, anxiety, low drive


My story is similar to many others on here. Where do I begin?

I’m 37 years old, I’ve been M since my early teens. I began using my imagination, then moved to magazines, then vhs tapes, then DVD’s, and last and certainly not least, high speed internet. For years now I’ve been viewing porn on a daily basis, sometimes for long periods of time. I never really thought that viewing something could be considered an addiction and have such serious effects on life outside of the action itself. Had I know then what I now know I would have taken action long ago.

My years of PMO have had terrible consequences on my interactions, or lack there of, with women. I always told myself that I was just shy, or wouldn’t settle for anyone. The REAL problem was never with them, it’s been me all along. My last few sexual encounters were usually more stressful than fun. I have some ED issues and until just recently couldn’t pinpoint the cause. I’m sure anyone who’s had this experience knows what a painful mind game it creates. My fear wasn’t meeting women, or talking to them, it was fear of not being able to perform and trying to explain it. This fear, up until now, has left me alone and lonely. Frequent PMO has also killed what little drive I would have had to meet anyone in the first place.

I’m a good looking man, I work out frequently, I’m not anit-social, and I’m actually pretty likable. People always ask me why I’m alone and it’s become an uncomfortable question for which I never had a good answer, even for myself. Then I came across a thread from another website where people were discussing the benefits of no PMO. My initial reaction was pure doubt. I thought the claims people were making seemed “exaggerated” to say the least. However, my disbelief didn’t mean I was right. I’m old enough to know, I can be wrong and from time to time, it’s the case. This took place 28 days ago. Up to that moment I would not have considered myself a porn addict or drawn any parallels between my ED/intimacy issues. Since I didn’t think I was addicted to PMO I figured I’d stop for 30 days and see what happens. After all, I had absolutely nothing to lose, and possibly something to gain. To help assure my success I took some precautionary measures. I deleted all my saved porn clips and threw out a few old videos. The first week was really easy, I had a bit more energy and felt good knowing I was trying to do something positive.

At the end of the second week I truly realized for the first time, I was indeed addicted to porn. Not M was easy, not looking at porn was getting more difficult. On day 14 I was watching TV, my computer in front of me. I wanted SOOO bad to open up some of the sites. I deleted the scenes, but I knew I’d have no difficulty finding them. I began an internal conversation, or I should say, rationalization. I told myself I’d pick a favorite scene, watch for a short period of time, then MO. This went on for several minutes, in the end the good me won, lol. I decided against it and focused my energy elsewhere. That was my closest call. Since then I have noticed some real changes taking place. I’m in the flatline phase for the most part. Since I stopped PMO my penis literally died in it’s tracks, which of course was unpleasant. Just recently I’ve been getting some morning wood, which was rare while engaging in daily PMO. It’s not fully back but it’s creeping back to life.

I have not had any sporadic erections however during the day, nor have I had any wetdreams. My mood has been better overall. I’m more sociable with people at work, I feel good in my own skin, and I want to be closer to those around me. I feel I carry myself differently. My mind is clearer, I feel like I was under some sort of spell for so long that I accepted it as normal. I’m more productive lately. I used to put things off to the last minute, then stress that I waited to the last minute. I think I spend my time more productively. My apartment has NEVER been cleaner. I feel different and I can tell that others see me differently. As far as meeting a real flesh and blood women, I know I will. My feelings of awkwardness and fear are being replaced with confidence and excitement.

It hasn’t been all ups or course, but I know I’m going in the right direction. Entering the thread I mentioned earlier led me to yourbrainonporn which led me here. Once I started reading I couldn’t stop. This was a major eye opener for me. Finding this was such a major relief, to finally have answers to the questions I never knew to ask. I’m really grateful that I found this site, and for all of us who have a place to share our stories and improve our lives. I used to think I’d always be the way I was, that’d I’d just have to accept things and deal with them in my own private way. Now I know, I have a problem, and the great news is…when you think about it…it’s not all that difficult to correct. I’m all over the map here, my original goal was 30 days…I’m now in for the full 90. That’s all I have to say about that…..


Well I haven’t really posted much as of late, but I still like to lurk.

I’m now on round 2 of my reboot. I just hit 45 days today….surpassing my first attempt of 44 days.

I can’t wait to reach my goal of 90 , but I’ll make sure I keep my focus on the present moment.

My mood has been good overall, but the insane energy I had the first few weeks has passed.

I feel more confident in just about all situations. I haven’t had any wet dreams, and don’t think I will.

I have some leakage here and there usually after I urinate. This seems to bother some posters but I don’t mind it.

I figure it’s my bodies way of doing what it needs to do.

My progress in the gym has been great. My energy level has been unusually high. I even started doing cardio which I don’t really care for.

Unfortunately, I haven’t really put myself in situations to meet new women, but I’m about to get on that.

Now the holidays are over and things are much less crazy in my life.

My libido still seems pretty dead. I’m a bit surprised and a little disappointed about this. 45 days seems like a long time.

I’m in my upper 30’s and haven’t really been around a lot of women as of late, maybe that combination is slowing things down a bit.

Earlier today I had a strong urge to PMO! For me this is REALLY uncommon.

Ironically, when I had my relapse the first time (day 44) the same thing happened. I didn’t have any urges, then all of sudden I had really strong ones.

Is is unusual to not have any urges, then suddenly have strong ones 6 weeks in?

Is it possible that maybe my libido is starting to resurface and since I used PMO to meet my needs in the past the desire to do so again is also resurfacing?

I don’t really know, and it really isn’t that important.

All that matters is that I control it, not the other way around.

I’m not a man of many words, so I guess that’s about it for now.


So here I am once again!

Here’s a quick recap of where I’m at with my PMO recovery.

Once learning of this site (and others like it) I decided to give up PMO for at least 90 days.

On my first try I made it 44 days, then had a few days of PMO before getting back on the bus.

My second attempt I made it 54 days, this time it took me about a week to get back in line.

Now I’m starting over and have made it one week. From now on, every week I’ll make a short post till I reach my 90 day goal.

I noticed many similarities between both my relapses. On both occasions fantasy played a major role. Once it began to creep back in (and I entertained it) that was the beginning of the end.

I’m still motivated to see this through.

For all you posters trying to quit for the first time. Don’t let your guard down. Even after a few weeks you still need to stay focused. Try to avoid fantasy, edging or testing yourself. These things are usually not a one time deal, once you go down this road you could easily end up in place you were trying to avoid.

Good luck!

LINK – 10 13-2012

It’s been a long long time since I last posted in this forum so I decided to return with an update and hopefully some good tips for newbs trying to kick the habbit.

Like most of us I’d been engaging in PMO for many years. About a year ago I decided to stop once I came across and realized that many of the stories were very similar to my own.

On my first attempt to kick the habbit things went really well and surprisingly easy….at first!

I went about 40 days before my first relapse. It was triggered by slowly crawling in the wrong direction. I started to “test” myself. Not edging, but touching myself and triggering erections. This led to a lot of fantasizing which caused great discomfort I’m sure many of us can relate to. Once the fantasizing went on for a while the slide into PMO was clearly set in motion.

After my first relapse I went on a little binge then recommitted to the process.

Sadly, I was never able to come close to my original 40 day marker after that. I would go for a week or so, sometimes as many as 3, then fail again. Each failure was followed by a short period of binges that could go on for days.

Today, I am on day 48 (my PR) and have had a smooth and easy ride.

I’ve recognized my triggers, and have avoided them with great success.

These are some of the changes I’ve made that may help some on this important journey!

Drinking: For me hangovers went together like peanut butter and jelly. The day after a “good” night left me with a feeling of guilt and mild anxiety. I would engage in PMO multiple times on these days.

I gave up drinking and feel much better. Now my weekends are much more productive and my anxiety much less.

Meditation: I began a daily meditation practice. Every day I meditate for 11 minutes. Nothing crazy, we all have 11 minutes to spare. It helps keep you grounded and focused and the benefits are many.

Spiritual/positive energy readings: Every day I spend at least 20 minutes reading spiritual/motivation/self help type books that fuel the desire to make positive changes in your life. True peace and happiness comes from within. These readings and meditation (a total of 30 minutes a day) really keep me grounded.

Positive energy = positive results!

Lifting/yoga: I’ve worked out for years. I’m in really good physical shape. For so long I wanted to meditate but always found a reason not to. Then I read a post in a bodybuilding forum that really caught my attention. The guy was pushing meditation and pointed out how other posters were willing to spend hours in a gym working their bodied to achieve desired results, but couldn’t spare any time to work out the mind. Needless to say, I’ve meditated every day since reading that post.

In addition to lifting I’ve also started doing hot yoga twice a week. It’s great. I’ve more ripped now in my upper 30’s then I’ve ever been in my entire life. I’m sure not drinking combined with the yoga are major factors in this.

That’s about it. For me, this has made my journey an easy one.

Stay positive and make the right decisions!


by Floyd