Age 37 – Lost 15 pounds, super motivated


Just gonna make this short and sweet. The Good – Lost 15 pounds, Super Motivated (Finished College Math in early April, High Grades) Increased ‘Mires from females, Energy all day, got into basketball again, other good things I can’t think of.

The Bad – The only thing is that if I do see an attractive female and start to go down that road, it takes a little bit to get back and cool down.

I really feel good, look better, made gains on every level really. I’m going to put some energy into pursuing a female when I see a good chance. Going to Lake Powell will be a lot more fun now with a new attitude and better aesthetics.

I’m 37. I really just wanted to be a better man on all levels..who I was when I was younger, but with more experience, gratitude and perspective. I also wanted to make some new friends, meet some new females and just have more fun in my life. Hopefully get laid more often or at least get a girlfriend, too. I’ve had shorter streaks, too, but never managed to use up that extra energy, so they ended.

LINK – 135 Days Later

By HopsNightOwl