Age 38 – 90 days straight after 25 years of PMO (ED)

Porn recovery heals brain fogFirst attempt at trying this and thought I’d share my story after lurking. I’m in my late 30’s, so have a good 25 years of PMO behind me. After feeling lots of brain fog, exhaustion, ED… I finally made the connection between PMO and my mental/physical state. Went cold turkey 90 days ago and I’m very pleased with the results.

Mentally I can think much more clearly, feel calmer, and have a much more stable mood. The social anxiety and general anxiety I used to suffer from seem to be gone. Can talk to people much easier and people seem more open to initiating conversations. Much more attracted to women in general, it doesn’t take much for me to get aroused. Physically, I’ve never been stronger, and have gotten ripped at the gym and cut my body fat to close to single digits. Eating much healthier has helped too.

Over the 90 days I’ve had 7 wet dreams. They usually happen every 10-14 days.

Only slipped up on the P one time and that was about a week ago before I went to Vegas on vacation. I was looking at some random online nightclub photos and recognized an amateur porn chick I really like in some of the pics at a Vegas lounge – she was there as a civilian. That caused me to watch some videos of her, but no MO. Just watched, and was actually kind of bored by it.

I’m not currently working and don’t go out much, but I’ve had some interesting experiences with women lately. Have noticed some women checking me out on the street. A couple weeks ago I had a woman randomly reach out and grope my chest at a bar as I walked by. Later that night another girl reached out and pulled me toward the bar. The next weekend in Vegas I had a really good looking woman get all over me and we ended up making out. Felt good to touch a woman again. The next day I talked to a bunch of younger girls at the pool and one was flirting hard with me. No social anxiety or anything, it was great.

I don’t currently have a partner and don’t have any prospects, so my plan right now is to go 120 days and see how I feel then. Seeing all the benefits as the days pass by make it easy for me to stick to it. Glad I decided to give this a shot because it’s had so many positive effects in all aspects of my life.