Age 38 – ED cured: increased confidence, making eye contact, feeling awesome, more sociable

I just reached a new record, 107 days on hard mode. I’m 38yo and have been jerking to porn since age 10 or so and struggling to quit for a while. This was made even more challenging by the fact that I work from home and live alone so I am home alone all the time with the perfect porn delivery device literally at my finger tips.

My previous record was 105 days. In between I have had multiple 30 days streaks.

How did I get this far? I put an internet accountability software on my computer at home and got an accountability partner who would be alerted if I went to a porn site or searched for dirty stuff.

  1. What about other internet machines for which there is no accountability software? I got a router that has parental controls. After setting the controls I created a password that I would not remember and then threw it away. So, the only way to change the settings is to reset my router and that is enough of a hurtle to keep me from doing it. Another, better, solution is to get rid of your WiFi router. Just use a standard router.
  2. My router and my internet security software also allow me to list specific sites that I can block so I blocked all my favorite porn sites, as well as twitter, tumblr, facebook, etc because I often ended up searching those for porn or sexy images.
  3. Yes, I found some ways around it. The router doesn’t catch everything and stuff I viewed on my phone and ipad were not seen by my accountability partner so I used the parental controls on the phone and ipad and again created and promptly lost a password that I would not remember. When Xbox added a web browser that got me too, so I deleted the browser and in the parent controls I blocked web browser access. I also just stopped using the Xbox for a while, unplugged it, disconnect the Ethernet cable and put it somewhere hard to get to.

If I didn’t have easy access to porn, what usually caused my relapses? Edging. Searching Google images or Facebook/twitter for sexy pics (bikinis, etc.) Cruising craigslist casual encounters (or any other hookup sites, e.g. grindr, tinder, etc.) This is a known trigger for sex addicts. It will be very easy to transition from porn addiction to sex addiction (hooking up with strangers, risky sexual behavior, etc.). That is equally destructive. Cruising gets those some horny juices flowing in your brain which sends it down that pathway to porn and fapping. You have to avoid ANY sort of arousal. I had to block all of those sites with every method that I could. Use multiple methods (parental controls, internet security, accountability software, routers settings, browser settings, ect.) so it is more of a pain in the ass to disable them all.

Superpowers: Yes, I have experienced the typical superpowers that everyone else talks about (i.e. increased confidence, making eye contact, better posture, feeling awesome, wanting to be more sociable, people treating me differently, women noticing me, men noticing me, generally feeling like a badass.) The superpowers came as I came out of my flatline. I would start feeling super horny, getting hard ons. However, you have to be super careful during this period because you will be super horny and super tempted. Challenge yourself to keep going and find a real human to connect with and release that sexual energy with.

PIED cured: It’s true. Hang in there and you and your cock will be happy again. It may take a while. You have to be patient. I also had prostatitis due to jerking too much. That went away too when I stopped jerking 5 times a day.

tldr: 1. Use every porn filter, parental control, site blocking router, etc. that you can and lose the passwords. Create every porn road block that you can. 2. Don’t edge, don’t peak at sexy images, don’t cruise hookup sites, don’t fantasize or arouse yourself at all. 3. Superpowers are real and happen after coming out of flatline. PIED can definitely be cured. I get hard as a rock now. I am proud of my cock again. 4. Be extra vigilant as you come out of flatline, because that is when you will be super horny and constantly tempted. Stay vigilant and go find a human to fuck.

LINK – 107 day report: superpowers, PIED cured, and some tips.

by willful_protagonist