Age 38 – ED & loss of libido cured: feel like 20 again.

Subject – 38 male

Prior to NoFap – Progressive increase in loss of sex drive and erection quality. Progressive difficulty in achieving orgasm during sex, increased reliance on fantasizing about porn to be aroused and achieve orgasm during sex. Always took a long time to orgasm during sex and rarely able to orgasm at all from manual or oral stimulation, even in his 20’s. Noticed erection quality dropping and attributed it to growing older. No morning wood, no erections when around women. Subject required direct physical stimulation to attain erection when intimate with a woman.

Prescription – NoFap on “soft” mode. Allows sexual relations with females but absolutely no porn and no masturbation.

Results – 90 day check in – Subject is now experiencing occasional spontaneous erections and morning wood is a frequent, almost daily occurrence. Sex drive is at full throttle and subject feels like he’s 20 again. When intimate with a woman, subject has an erection early and maintains it throughout the encounter. Orgasm is achieved during sex without any outside mental stimulation and feels organic and natural and very intense and “connected” with the woman. Orgasm during oral and/or manual stimulation from a woman is also happens naturally. Subject remains mentally focused on his partner and has no desire to fantasize about others.

In public situations, subject notices an intense attraction to women, more so than ever before. He no longer needs a woman to look like a porn star for him to find her attractive. He now finds attraction to almost every woman. Subject is also much more focused on engaging women to pursue intimacy. REAL women have become his soul source for intimacy, romance, love, sex, etc. and he feels driven and ambitious to interact and pursue relationships with REAL women.

All the silly “doctor” talk aside I have to say I’m so thankful to this subreddit and its users and the information provided in the websites mentioned from this subreddit. I was so worried that I was suffering some physical problems or that this was just part of getting old and it sucked! Thanks all! And stay strong fapstronauts!

TL;DR Blown away by the positive changes I’ve experienced with NoFap! Feeling almost back to my old self again! In fact, I’d even say better than ever! Can’t wait to see how things progress with more NoFap! Thank you!

LINK – 90 day update!

by MisterFappityFap