Age 38 – Married, 130 days – ED Cured

It’s been 130 days since I started, but I have not been following NoFap with nearly the same fervor I did during my initial 90 day reboot.

I do masturbate once or twice a week now, but always in the shower, and always using memory or just sensation, never to porn.

But my erection issues are now almost completely gone. I wasn’t completely back at 90 days, but after about 110-115, I would consider my ED completely gone.

Sometimes I get an erection from kissing, and sometimes I don’t. But I usually get a semi, and as soon as physical stimulation starts, I’m rapdily 100% erect.

I’ve used this example before that I had these sex position cards that I thought my wife and I could deal out and try at random. Couldn’t do the 1st one back in the summer because I would either a) not have a strong enough erection to do them, or b) lose my erection as soon as I pulled out, well before we could get into some exotic position. I realized this was the case when we started having sex in the prone position again. I used to love that position, but with a semi-erect penis, it just doesn’t work.

I also am using Maca Man and Horny Goat Weed supplements from GNC, though I only do half the dose and am only really taking them an hour or so before sex. I think they are definitely helping. There’s been a time or two when I was borderline TOO hard.


TL;DR There’s hope. My ED is gone. This process works.

LINK – 132 Days Report – ED Cured

by winkwb