Age 38 – Married: ED is gone and I feel the excitement and rush I felt for her so many years ago

She is naked, big deal I’m not waking up. That’s what my brain and my penis used to say when my wife would take her clothes off. It was terrible cause she’s a very beautiful woman and I wanted to be excited, aroused and very ready for her. But my brain just wouldn’t respond to her. Hell it wouldn’t respond to porn anymore either. I was watching shemale porn at the time which gave me a big rush at the beginning, but after a few weeks it became old also. I was jacking off with a deflated penis teaching my brain that it didn’t need to spend the energy to get it up in order to orgasm.

After one streak of 42 days plus the streak I’m on with only one time fap in between and no porn whatsoever, I’m coming out of the dark lonely place I was in.

Now if I think if my wife I get hard, of I see her and touch her I feel the excitement and rush I felt for her so many years ago, she notices the difference when I see her, we’re doing hard mode, but we still kiss in bed and caress each other without penetration and man what a difference.

Now my ED is gone, she’s not mad at me and wanting to divorce anymore, she’s encouraging me to stay in hard mode until the 90 days, it’s still a struggle and I did go flatline for about 3 weeks. I encourage everyone to stay away from porn, take back control of your life,

I’m 38, wish I had never started PMO, don’t know why my wife stayed with me buy I so love her much more now for that.

LINK – She’s naked, big deal…

by toiletseeder