Age 38 – Married, introvert: 30 days

As some Fapstronauts pointed out in comments to my previous post, ( ); I have decided to give back to the community and share my 30-day progress report.

Me: 38 years old, married, no kids. Introvert.

Pre NoFap: Daily fap to porn in the morning; Depressed in life; hated job; passive aggressive; marital problems; Sex with wife was maybe twice a year with severe PIED and death grip. And even for that, needed help of ED pills with the sessions were getting weirder. Come to think of it, I don’t think I ever had good PIV sex.
— I may have hit rock bottom when I ordered PPV porn in the hotel room during vacation, so that I could get off during sex with my wife.

Intro into NoFap: Previously, I was not ashamed of MO or PMO and thought it was all healthy and liberating. In fact I didn’t even think I had a problem until I read the stories in here. I stumbled in here and discovered NoFap by accident because of my depression at work. I had become extremely depressed at my new job which I started this year and was basically using porn, internet and TV to cope and escape. It was a bad slippery slope and in fact now I see that it had been a slippery slope for the past several years. If I didn’t find NoFap, I would have been clinically depressed and/or divorced by now.

NoFap experience: (started hard-mode with a vegan diet, no alcohol)

Days 1-7 (Superman)

–Huge boost to self-confidence and self-worth (no shame or self-pity) –Cold showers (These are so important, it must be mandatory in hard mode) –Deleted porn collection from 15+ years. (THIS was hard to do) –Started working out twice daily. –Renewed focus on life and thinking of ways to improve self. –Aggressive at work. –Started professional development with a determination to move out of the sucky job soon. –Immune to all kinds of stimulation in media and surroundings

Days 7-19 (Twilight Zone) –Doubts creeping in. –Beginning to lose workout routine and starting to get lazy again. –Strong urges to look at porn and PMO. (almost failed and close to collapse) –Extreme sad emotions and mood swings. –Depression at work starting to return. From everything I have read here and my own experience, this is where most people fail and I almost did. But one thing I did was to keep coming back to NoFap and keep reading every day. Every new post I read pushed me farther a little more and I learned from the failures and experiences of others. Without NoFap to fallback for guidance, I never would have made it through this.

Days 20-30 (Return of the King)

-Slow return to the feelings of Phase 1, except with less aggression. -More determined than ever to stick with Hard mode -Starting to like exercise -Starting to like new diet -More active, less time on internet; starting to dislike wasting time or sitting around. -Wife starts noticing changes. (She doesn’t know a thing and the change in her attitude is clear; She is happier) -Ambitions are sky-high; strong desire for professional development and improvement. -Increase in productivity

Day 30 on-wards – -This has become a way of life. (So far sticking to all hard-mode goals) -Increased intensity and effort in exercise. -High level of persistence and no laziness -A state of calmness and determination in life. -Starting to like the job “I hate so much”

Now, I know that Phase 2 could return any time in NoFap, but I’m better prepared to handle it.

Benefits of NoFap so far:

-Completely quit smoking, bad food and laziness -Helped me start exercising and lose 10 lbs. -More energy and positive attitude. -Made me realize how hyper-sexualized our society really is. -How everyone tries to control you with sex. -How much our mind is occupied with porn throughout the day. -How we don’t live to our full potential.

Nofap really is the central hub that connects together all the cogs my self-motivations together. This was the missing ingredient that had held me back for years, living in a state of limbo of wasted potential. NoFap is not even about fapping anymore; it’s about self-control and self-improvement. (and its necessary to have other goals and persistence to succeed in NoFap)

To conquer life, I must first conquer my mind.

NoFap has enabled me to do that and put me towards a path of self-improvement and elevated goals. I fully recommend NoFap to anyone that desires to live a life worthy of living.

“Do not pray for an easy life, pray for the strength to endure a difficult one” ― Bruce Lee

Thank you for reading Fapstronauts. I thank you for helping me come this far…

LINK 30 Days Report – Back by popular demand (Warning! Long Post)

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