Age 38 – Married, my ED is totally gone!

For 10 years of marriage, and several girlfriends prior, I SUFFERED silently in a positive feedback loop of ED/DE to being bummed to PMO, back to ED/DE… The last few times I have made love to my wife, I have been rock hard and able to O in any position, including with her on top, which has only happened one other time to me 20 years prior.

My hat is off to all you young guys here, with more than a little jealousy,that you are so far ahead of the game and making the most out of your youth. No Fap has changed my sex life and has even led to me dropping a few lbs and hitting the gym.

Keep it ‘up’ team No Fap!

How many days have you done?

Good question and it probably would have been a good addition. I went 28 days cold turkey and that made a huge difference. I have MO’ed a couple of times and resent the counter there, but no P is the thing that works for me. So as of today, 28 + 7 + 5 + 11 = 51 days no PMO. MO twice (shower time – which has been difficult for several years without the P), and sex with wife about 5-6 times. All the while, I feel like I am re-wiring myself in the best ways! Even the MO to a degree since I am thinking about girls from college again and not pixels. I can only imagine how hard it is to re-wire without having the historical, pre-high speed P, real-girl experiences in the memory banks. I am in awe of the young guys here making a stand!

LINK – 38 Married ED totally gone!

by coffeeed