Age 39 – 37 days PMO free: I finally find a real girl attractive!


I’ve been trying to break free of PMO since 2011 and had a few good streaks in between. I wasn’t getting any success in the recent past and I am getting past 30 days after a very long time. But this time, something wonderful happens! I find a real girl of flesh and blood attractive after more than a decade.

You guys must be thinking what the hell I am talking about, but it’s true. I wasn’t able to find anyone in real life attractive because I was so addicted to porn and I couldn’t stand any superficial imperfections.

Those who are addicted to porn might know this very well; we like to browse for hours until we find the ‘perfect’ clip. For the first time after a very long time I like a girl for the person she is. She is not perfect looking but I feel attracted to her and we’re dating. I don’t know for sure where this is going to take us but now I can feel myself as a human being genuinely like another human being and not just being a meat loving animal.

I feel so good brothers, so this thing works, please stick to it. Get out of the shithole of PMO forever. Good luck to all of you. Thank you guys!

Much Love…

LINK – 39 years old, 37 days PMO free, I finally find a real girl attractive!

by 4nofaponly