Age 39 – ED is cured, marriage is flourishing

I’m pretty stoked to report that i made it to the 90 day part of completing my personal journey to rid myself of a terrible porn addiction that lasted 25+ years of my life.

Porn and fapping went hand in hand with me. Not one without the other ever. Im 39 years old, married for 12 years tomorrow, 3 kids, and no more fucking ED! Did you get that part fellas?

I called this my 90 day trial period because if i could manage to be porn free/fap free for 90 days, I could do it for the rest of my days….at least with the porn…occasional fap…maybe…anyway. This brings me to this point of my personal liberation. Porn is not as bad for some and that is ok with me. When i finally concluded that porn of ANY kind was seriously bad for me, i quit. I had already had my reboot attempts fail in the past in which i was not a nofap member so i came here. This could possibly be the most valuable tool in the recovery process for me. You must have a desire to quit porn for good or this process wont fully work.

We are all different, but if you are here you already know you have a problem. It is the porn…no lie…masturbating is not terrible, but porn is. Look into the dark side of the industry. There are always variable reports of what the dark side is like to the very thing i worshiped since i was 14 years old. Holy moly. No glamour, plenty of shame though. Not lovely, not sexy,…not fun.

You know whats sexy? The small of a woman’s back. The taste of her neck. Her real moans of pleasure caused by….you. Hits you like a brick fellas. For you younger guys who never touched a woman before porn…if you are reading this, i want you to know that you will.

This challenge should not be about anything that has to do with sex. That of course is a suggestion, but i believe this must about yourself improvement with all the focus being for you. Some of us have a SO and some don’t, so motivations and goals will always vary. The root of most members problems is porn. Ridding ourselves of this root problem ultimately opens the doors for self improvement.

Anxiety, depression, drug abuse, alcoholism, etc….I’ve been there. All the while with porn on my side. If it seems like forever, it might just be. Epiphanies can be awesome. One key to success is the ability to cut your personal ties with porn. To be able to hypothetically ”divorce your love for porn”. I actually did this after my last fap 90 days ago to porn. My favorite porn star. Older guys…Kay Parker.. It really didn’t matter what i watched, i finished up and was done with it…..forever.

There is too much shit to do in life to waste any of it. Young fellas…please head these words from a porn addict for almost twice your age….Don’t be the guy who is with a beautiful woman who is ready to have sex with you and your dick is a limp biscuit. It happened to me far to often which….will lead you to more self medication to cope with your inability to FUCK a real woman. You WILL not understand why.

The good news is that releasing your bond with porn will open the doors to a place far away from failure in the bedroom. Sorry im rambling, but today is significant to me. I want to help any members out who need support. Young and old. This place is my salvation of some sort. It really helped me turn my life around for the better. Im always going go be porn addict and guys who are like me would be fooling ourselves if wd thought different. This fact alone is why i wont relapse to porn. LIBERATION.

To other older married, divorced, in a relationsnip guys….holy shit this works wonders. I just want to say to my generation of porn abusers that it really is a new kind of lifestyle. My marriage is flourishing due to me being fully engaged with my wife for the first time in 12 years. Awesome. I’m falling in love with her again. I hurt her so bad i should never have been given a second chance. I did and have quit porn and…..My dick gets hard as a rock when she touches me…im 40 years old and i feel 20. No more ED!! .

I’ve lost 25 pounds and feel real goooood. Thanks for the ramble. Giving up porn and constant fapping is one of my greatest accomplishments. It was bad fellas and i kicked it.. Please all my younger brothas on here…high speed porn is crack cocaine and heroin to your ballsac….and your brain….stop the cycle and look forward to being confident, fully functional men. If you are older and struggling….this works my friends. I did this and the lifestyle of being porn free has officially began. We owe it to ourselves and anyone we have or will affect. Thank you all!

LINK 90 day trial period complete. New porn free lifesfyle begins. A message to the older members and sound advice for the younger members.

by spurspack