Age 39 – I hadn’t cum with a woman in almost ten years

I’m a 39 year old male, and have been on and off the NoFap train for about a year. Longest streak 55 days. But also had some weeks/months where I’d completely relapsed. Currently at 40 days, though this time (thankfully and unapologetically) it hasn’t been on hard mode.

In the past year, I’ve been able to put my failed marriage behind me, started working out, found multiple sources of new income, got my weed smoking habit under control, got my swagger back, and found a new girlfriend.

I couldn’t get hard with my ex wife, and went off the deep end with porn following our break up (not that I hadn’t already been close to the deep end while still married). I didn’t know if it was PIED, if it was because I had been a huge stoner, or because my ex-wife and I weren’t attracted to each other at all, but I just couldn’t get erections anymore unless I was jerking off to porn.

So in light of that history, I lacked the confidence to get intimate with my new girl for a long time. We’d been fooling around, but I was too focused on performance, and my dick wasn’t cooperating, so I explained that I must have just had all this baggage from my failed marriage, and needed to go slow, etc etc etc. She was content and understanding, but I felt like shit.

Anyway, last night there was a bit of a breakthrough, I managed to finally lose myself in the moment, and long story short – I got effortlessly hard and enjoyed my first actual start-to-finish blowjob in ages. I hadn’t cum with a woman in almost ten years. I’m on cloud nine today.

I’m not thinking I’m “cured,” and fully expect that I’ll have flatlines or low periods for the near future at least. But for one glorious night, I managed to put my past and my ED problems behind me.

I know it’s sometimes frowned upon here when people think of NoFap as just a way to deal with ED problems or to gain superpowers and ‘bang hot chicks,’ but I felt like sharing my story as a sort of motivational note to others struggling with performance issues. If I can regain sexual function enough to have a positive experience (not rock hard for two hours, but up and down naturally with the flow of the moment, eventually leading to mutual climax), then anyone can.


by Smaldar