Age 39 – I was stuck in masturbation-mind-prison for 20 years

We’re all together in the same boat. And we definitely CAN DO IT. After twenty years of masturbating with porn almost every day, I started reading this NoFap subreddit. I decided to try something stronger to stop my old habit. Now I’m very proud of what I’ve got from discipline and sacrifice. All the good life changes pay it. I want to thank you for all your truly, powerful and positive words at this subreddit. These help a lot.

Now my challenge goes beyond. Thank you!

I’m 39, married, father of 3 kids. I was addicted. But i’ve Never tried to stop so hard before. I was thinking about it: what if I had found this subreddit earlier? I had urges at the beginning, but now its gone. I can control myself better than before now. It gets easier after 30 days.

3 most important benefits:

1. Sex with my wife got better. I’m 39 years old, but now I’m feeling younger. More sex often. More will to have sex. In addition to having more free time with my children and my wife, and can devote more to them.

2. No fear: the simple contact with other strange people intimidated me before. I thought I was less than other people. I didn’t wanted to leave my house. Now its gone. I feel I can speak with any people without feeling a coward.

3. No more tired: I was physically and mentally exhausted after hours looking for hundreds of women pictures, for years since I was a teenager. It was a natural behavior for me? I refused to believe at this. That’s not all, but it’s a start.

Self control and more life energy for whole day. I was stuck in masturbation-mind-prison for twenty years. Enough. After 100 days, I have noticed that my anxiety is very low, even at extreme moments. Yoga and cold showers helped with my selfcontrol. My mood is very stable. I’ve got less stress at work. I’m sleeping very well. My time with my family has been better.

I just tried hard to stop it after realizing I was really sick. I realized that I was addicted to masturbating. I was neglecting things from my personal career. I was leaving my children, my wife in the background. I just wanted to masturbate. I really stopped thinking only about myself. I managed to stop feeling sorry for myself. So I faced the discomfort of not masturbating with pornography. I ended up reading a lot about it at and here at reddit. It was the best thing that happened to me and my family.

I just avoided porn. I had sex with my wife and it gets better on quality and quantity. I have already masturbated imagining someone else while bathing, but never fapping again looking at hundreds of pictures on a cool screen. No more porn. The main thing is not to have any remorse about having masturbated.

Instagram is bad. Any innocent subject can lead yourself looking at women and start to feel horny. It’s dangerous than you think. I’ve been avoiding instagram and other social media that could show something like that.

I’m definitely stronger than 100 days ago. Cold showers and Yoga helped a lot in the entire process. Now I feel that I have more confidence in me to do anything.

LINK – No porn for 100 days: mission accomplished.

By AsimovianRobot