Age 39 – More productive, improved self esteem, sex is better, relationship is better

Today marks 50 days since I started NoFap!

Thinking about why I started NoFap:

  1. Hated myself for lacking the ability to control my urges
  2. Felt like I was ‘cheating’ by hiding my activity from my partner
  3. Was often wasting an hour or more each day looking at porn
  4. PMO was desensitizing my sex life, despite my hot GF who is 6 years younger than me.

Has it been worth it? In short, yes. I’m more productive, improved self esteem, sex is better (stronger orgasms), relationships is better (more affectionate and empathetic). I still have (strongish) urges to PMO. They can be very distracting at times, but I continue to resist as I don’t want to revert to my old life.

Good luck to all of you and especially those who are trying to reverse habits formed over many years.

LINK – 39yo – 50 day update

by andrej74