Age 39 – One of the hardest things I ever accomplished and I have done some bloody hard stuff


I’m a long time occasional lurker here. Mostly for the purpose of gathering the broader sentiment regarding this great American pastime. It is encouraging that it’s picking up. Largely because it was so annoying to have to argue people on this topic. I started about 6 years ago trying to officially cut this stuff out.

I had a couple false starts before then. My longest running streak was 4 years. In the full 6 years there was about a half dozen times I slipped up. Mostly due to things in my life crumbling down around me. Each time also reminded me that it’s a stupid useless hobby. Kinda like dipping copenhagen. I do that about once a year too.

Background: I’m a vet. Jackin’ is a military sport complete with grading scale and leader boards. Fap level: Poncho Villa pistolero.

I cut porn out when I got a fiance back in 2002 so that has been gone for a very long time. That was pretty easy since I was getting laid. Pr0n is gross. Just break it down verbally so it sounds stupid. Do that if you get the urge. I find it super weak. Kinda like I equate boys playing video games compared to men playing combat.

Yes my sex drive is solid. I’m ginger.

Later got divorced and that started up the fap machine, but it wasn’t the same. It was very unsatisfying. Still didn’t use pr0n.

It opens up a level of communication with women that wasn’t there before. Once you control your passions women lose their poon power over you. I ran with a PUA group for a little while after divorce. That was educational. It removes the fear and fear is a fap contributor.

Diet is helpful. I fast regularly and that helps to control the mind and body. It also subdues those impulses. Fitness training does the opposite for me and kicks my testosterone levels through the roof. That is when I am more inclined to be frustrated.

Society doesn’t support me. My friends absolutely don’t believe me unless they tried themselves. This was one of the hardest things I ever accomplished and I have done some bloody hard stuff in my years.

Become alpha. Crush fear. Conquer yourself. It’s worth it.

[Age?] Coming up on 40.

LINK – NoFap 6 years. Some thoughts:

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