Age 39 – PIED cured. Sex is now amazing. Curing my anhedonia. I’m calmer & more optimistic. (430-day update)


Today I’m 126 days in my first NoFap journey, I’m doing the No PM-journey (Sex is allowed). Benefits so far:

+ Had beautiful skin before NoFap, but it’s even more beautiful now (Eating healthy all the time is the key to beautiful skin)
+ Calmer

+ Curing my anhedonia (Flatline/withdrawal period makes it worse though). This is the main reason for starting NoFap
+ Before NoFap, sex was nice, but now it’s amazing
+ PIED cured
+ Women are checking me in all the time and starting conversations with me before I make contact (This is a amazing feeling, can’t describe it..)
+ People are a lot nicer to me
+ A lot more optimistic (Before NoFap, every time I got a compliment, I used to not take that in. Now I’m glad and saying thanks)
+ Changing my views on women totally, soon ready for relationship

Problems during NoFap

– Flatline comes and goes. At the moment, I’m in a flatline from hell. Low energy, low motivation, need to take naps and hard to get up in the mornings.
– During flatline, I crave a lot of sweets and sometimes I can’t stop myself from eating some candy, chocolate etc.
– Going to take a lot of time – This is something a lot of us have to be prepared for, 90 days is not enough.
– Brutal urges sometimes. When the urges hit you, keep yourself occupied with something!

If anyone has any questions, I’m happy to answer them

This is totally worth it, just think about the long term goal when you are in the flatline period.

P.S: English is not my native language, so forgive me for any grammar mistakes.

LINK – 126 days in – Benefits and problems so far

by jorg78

UPDATE –Last thread – My success 430 days

I got to about 430 days of NoFap, this was the first time I tried it and I’m really proud of me that I got this far. I masturbated to no fantasies or porn. I will go on no-porn for life. That shit is dangerous. I will masturbate once a week if I don’t have sex.


  • ED cured
  • Better looking skin
  • Women approaching me more
  • Feel better about myself
  • More energy
  • People respect me more
  • And a lot more benefits


  • Premature ejaculation became worse for me the longer I went on NoFap (This is my own experience, it could be different for you)
  • Still not 100% cured from Anhedonia (I need to find the root cause for this)
  • A lot of urges during the process
  • Mood swings
  • Flatline and PAWS was pure hell
  • Isolating myself


  • Try to not do this alone (I did and it was a mistake)
  • Try to socialize, eat well and drink water
  • Be prepared, it’s going to get worse before it gets better
  • 90 days may not be enough
  • Stay away from dopamine kicks, but if the urges gets too much, play some videos games or something
  • Seek advice here on NoFap, I would have not made it this far without the support here