Age 40 – 90 days: Increased concentration, motivation, masculinity. Less anxiety & lethargy

90 days completed hard-mode mostly. Had PIV sex two times during the challenge but without O. This made nofap exponentially more uncomfortable. Let me begin by saying that the chaser effect is quite real and very strong. I’m not saying to not enjoy sex, but do not be surprised by how tempting PMO becomes after sex. A bit about myself, I did not grow up with Internet porn as many here have. It was Playboys and Cheri and other skin-mags when I was an adolescent, so I felt pretty rebooted after a couple weeks. I stopped missing porn after about 60 days. 

Now I see it as something to be avoided completely. On to the benefits:

  1. Massively increased ability to concentrate for hours. Wow. This alone is worth the price of admission.
  2. An increased appreciation of the beauty of natural everyday women.
  3. Renewed interest in my hobbies, coupled with more time and motivation leading to more skill, and better outcomes. Drawing and songwriting are my main hobbies.
  4. Even less anxiety talking to attractive women. Fuglies were never a problem, but beautiful women always made me nervous. They still do, but my desire for intimacy eclipses any nervousness or anxiety.
  5. More masculine and centered. Even the tone of my voice seems deeper, and I feel an increased muscularity also. I fit in with the guys better, and have easier conversations with other men.
  6. Less lethargy, less shame, zero guilt. It feels like I’ve had an auric cleansing (cleaner aura). This might be psychosomatic, but I feel like I give off a better ‘vibe’ than before.

How I did it, tips and techniques:

  1. Cold cold showers each day. Yes, hydrotherapy really works. The benefits are many – do a search.
  2. Avoid porn/nsfw stuff completely. For the best results.
  3. Do not masturbate – just don’t do it.
  4. Don’t bother telling your friends about it, they wont understand.
  5. Cut out reddit, facebook, and other time wasters. Enjoy only once or twice a day.
  6. Concentrate on your projects: health, business, art, music, social skills, etc.
  7. Say ‘yes’ to every opportunity to socialize!

It is my opinion that the sex drive is good and natural. It is a motivator for mankind to bring forth great achievements. It must be channeled and utilized and not wasted with fantasy and masturbation. Others might disagree, but sex is good. Learn social skills, learn to be attractive, meet girls/guys whatever. Get out there!

NoFAP is not a magic pill. I see it as just one of the basic components of being a true and complete man. I have no intention of going back to chronic PMO. If I do relapse, I now know a way out.

Friends, stick with it. It works. But do not think of NoFap as something that will elevate you, but rather as a necessary first step in completing your mission.

Also, I am forever grateful for the 90-day challenge and for noFAP. Thank you fellow fapstronauts.

LINK – 90 Day Challenge completed! How NoFap has changed me, and other reflections.

by ChiunsKimono