Age 40 – Been at it for 25 years. I was sure that my ED was permanent.

Been fapping for 25 years. I was sure that my ED was permanent. I had to use Viagra to have sex. That’s been since Viagra has been available in Canada. Like most, thought masterbation was normal. I am proud to announce that my ED is on the mend.

I told my girlfriend about what I was about to take on. She was very supportive and was ready to do any testing along this journey. We have a long distance relationship, so i only see here on the weekends.

The first 35 days I didn’t see too much change. But now at 40, I got hard just kissing her. That hadn’t happened to me since I was in my early 20’s. I can only say that now things are much better. Better than any time on Viagra. Because on Viagra I had PE. To come, I’d almost pass out from being out of breath. I have no doubt that i’ll be able to have sex without any problems.

It was nice not having to plan ahead and strategically take my blue pills. I was one who was skeptical, but i’m a true believer now. I’m looking forward to saving $100 a month by not having to buy Viagra or Cialas anymore.

Thread: I was sure I was a lost cause. Boy was I wrong.

By bigracefan