Age 40 – Social anxiety has turned into a healthy NEED for a company, My mind is clear.

• I haven’t been watching P or any teasing stuff and haven’t been masturbating for 9 weeks, my hard drive including the system and my phone are completely clean as well as my mind.

• Girls are checking me out more and more, a lot of fresh sparkle and smiles in the air, one nice girl from a neighbourhood shouted at me her greetings last time I was entering my house, something that never happened before.

• For the first time ever it can be seen that I am a guy who goes to the gym, two my fellow workers asked me how often I exercise (3 times a week), one friend asked me for getting some proteins for him.

• Social anxiety has turned into a healthy NEED for a company, I am more and more social and feel better and better around people, conversations go with ease and I can have some fun.

• Every detail of my house is clean and tidy, the air smells good, just finished a deep cleaning.

• There are fresh fruits on my table and some healthy stuff in my fridge.

• How do I feel? Any superpowers? I feel NORMAL! Although I still make notes of what I want to do or buy, I practically don’t need them any more. My mind is clear and working well and I can remember almost everything I want or I need to do “in real time”.

• Even though I am still not OK and there is a long way to go before me yet the difference between the wreck that I was 9 weeks ago and my present me is indescribable.

• My advice? Abandon porn and life will show you its a way more cheerful side. Internet porn is the worst and most insidious drug ever invented, too easy to access, too alluring for being based on our natural instinct. Know it and protect yourself. Otherwise you’re just a raft being carried away with uncontrollable “outside” powers and circumstances without a slightest conjecture about who you could be and what power you could possess. But remember, it is a long journey, the progress is very slow and some really bad days may occur.

• Stay strong!

link – 9 weeks under my belt

by onceforall