Age 40s – ED & DE are totally gone. Sex is amazing. Increased confidence at work.

Yep, I am an old-fart. In my 40s. Felt the “superpowers” about 4 days in. Increased confidence. Public speaking got a lot easier. The ‘powers’ go down after sex, which is good and bad. Good cause the sex is amazing now. My ED and DE (delayed ejaculation) is totally gone now.

I am experiencing similar effects as those brought on by Cialis, but it is constant. Kind of cool, kind of annoying. I feel like a teenager now – crazy! My only regret is I never did this earlier. Could not have done it without the support of the kids on this chat. Thanks broskis!

After so many years of abuse, I am now pampering Mr Happy. He approves.

Hoping for another 30 days 🙂


LINK – 30 Day Report – I’m An Old Fart On Softmode

by throwafap99