Age 40s – (ED) first succesful intercourse in 7 years

Stick with it! Long term severe ED, but I was successful last night (self.NoFap)

I’m mid forties and have had ED for about 10 years, severe (meaning ED meds only moderately effective…often not effective) for the last 5 years.

Originally, I thought I’d go 30 days with no sex attempt and no O (and no PMO for as long as it takes to eliminate ED), but one thing led to another last night when I went to give my SO an orgasm (her first one since I started no PMO…she’s been VERY supportive and decided to abstain with me but I knew she would be feeling the need by now, so I offered up and was insistent).

Some over sharing that might be helpful, but you can skip this paragraph if it bothers you: I wouldn’t allow her to touch my genitals as I didn’t want to replace my hand with hers…I wanted to only have the stimulation of pressing against her and, eventually, PIV if I was erect enough. I varied from 80-100% erect throughout playing around and was about 80-90% most of the time PIV…with a few periods of 100%.

Bottom line: I haven’t been able to do that for at least 7 years! And it was incredible. The O was so much better than my last (drug assisted) PIV orgasm…and infinitely better than my last PMO. My motions were slower. I was more sensitive. Everything felt better. In spite of my fear/anxiety that I would go soft at any moment, I was able to stay “in the moment” and focus on her.

I am amazed at the changes I’ve seen in 17 days. I’m lucky that changes seem to be coming quickly. If you have doubts, think about your goals and KNOW you can achieve them….stick with the plan….don’t make excuses….get what you want, not what your brain is telling you that you need in a brief moment of weakness.

I’m at the start of a long road to get ED out of my life. It’s nice to see progress, but I’m going to stick with this. No P is a permanent change. No fap for as long as it takes….and very little fap after that.

As someone else posted, do the next guy a favor and tell your doctor abut YBOP and this site. I’ve seen multiple doctors and have wasted thousands on office visits, drugs and tests. Education can start with you.

TLDR: first successful PIV w/o meds in 7 years…after only 17 days. Stick with your plan…this works


by xstarxstar