Age 40s – Married/father: confidence dramatically increased, anxiety decreased, energy way up

Well, here I am, all of a sudden I made it, 90 days of no PMO. I’ll try and keep this 90 day report as succinct as possible. Background: Male, early 40s, married, father. MO since age of 11 and PMO since about age 13 in the pre computer era with Playboy, Penthouse or any other mag that I could find.

Did I mention scrambled soft porno on UHF? Those >35 will know what that is, a vastly different time. My internet age PMO escalated to deviant proportions which I knew were a great problem and source of stress in my life. I would back away from the hard stuff only to wander back into dark places. To not directly struggle with this anymore was my real goal.

About this forum: I’m very grateful to the enormous generosity everyone exhibits here every day, I learned many lessons and gained much insight on how to accomplish this. I simply could not have done this without NoFap. My gratitude to this forum, thank you everyone!

*A Special note: I’m especially in awe of all the younger people on this forum trying to better themselves through this journey. I can only imagine how much harder this is as a result of growing up in the internet age, just know that I especially admire you and your stories are very inspiring.

Super Powers: Typical of hyperbole, there is some truth in this. My confidence dramatically INCREASED in all types of situations and relationships, especially looking people in the eye and fully engaging. I feel more in control of my emotions and I have decreased my general anxiety by about 75%, no small feat. My general energy levels feel way up and I’m now training for a full Marathon this fall.

On Edging: Avoid this like the plague as this road only leads one place and it isn’t the completion of this challenge.

On triggers: Learn your triggers and avoid as best as possible. If a trigger is encountered by surprise or mistake this is were strength and determination come in, hang tight and know the bad feelings will pass. My big trigger was life stress so I was always running head on into it.

On exercise: Regular exercise is very very helpful.

On deleting the porno collection: Sorry this must be done no matter how much it hurts, this is the total commitment part.

On the Flat line: It’s real as I encountered it on several occasions for varying lengths of time. Don’t worry as it does pass and if anything it helped me, as it lowered my general temptation level.

On being able to fail: I gave myself permission to fail knowing I would get back to the mission as day 1. Mentally this really helped keep me on point.

On relationships: I can now fully see how PMO has harmed several physical and professional relationships over the years. I’m grateful to fully be aware of this now. My marriage has also drastically improved I feel I’m a better father.

On the future: I feel this challenge has been so helpful that I’m now setting out to accomplish 180 days.

Again, a big thank you to this forum and everyone who contributes no matter how small the measure. Just know that there are incredible benefits to finishing the 90 day challenge. Wish me luck fellow Fapstronauts and please keep fighting the good fight!

LINK – My 90 Day Report with gratitude

by rojoro 90 days