Age 41 – ED: 90 days and a big jump in testosterone

Finished my 90 days today! What they say is definitely true. Its the hardest thing you may ever do, but also maybe the best. The swings and urges can be insane, the flatlines I didn’t mind. I experienced some significant depression issues at times, but that’s not too much of a shock. The intensity was stunning though.

I suspect brain chemical re-balancing was behind much of it. But the highs are really amazing also. On top of the world for no real reason. SO definitely be prepared for that.

I originally started this for PIED but quickly branched out into a vision of a different life. In 90 days I have never edged, or watched porn. I did see some national geographic type stuff a few times but it didn’t do too much to me. I never had a NE in my life, so IDK what that means. Maybe I don’t ever need that stuff. I’m 41 YO and was addicted to porn for about 25 years. Probably the last 15 years were high speed internet porn. The real PIED started about 8 years ago. It had a major impact on my sex life. I eventually started using ED meds and that helped some, but in the last year they quit being very effective. I have no way to know how much I’ve improved, but I can say that most days I have morning wood. That wasn’t the case before NF ever. I would expect if I pursued sex it would be much better. I’m positive it would be much more sensitive to stimulation, and probably pretty good.

I’ve decided to remain celibate for an undetermined period of time. I don’t feel that I have to have someone to survive now. It would be nice, but I also don’t need to pursue it. If it happens some day, then fine. I intend to drop my badge as this is a long term lifestyle for me. I would recommend the use of meditation and spirituality if possible, to complete this journey. That helped a lot.

I also used this time to greatly improve my health and nutrition. I get on the bike every morning at 7:30 Am and do about 3 miles. That was never the case before. I do ~30% raw food in my diet now, and do lots of high quality supplements and amino’s. If anyone has any questions about that just ask. I’ve done lots of research, and learned a lot along the way, and seen some great results.

That brings me to the scientific evidence. People say that NF will increase your testosterone and for me that was more true than I could have imagined. My total testosterone went from ~550 to 911 according to my last lab tests. This is on a scale of 300 – 900. So I currently have the test levels of a 21 YO, and I’m 41 YO. That was not always the case. I used to be more in line with a 70 YO. My Dr freaked out on my test levels because I’m off the scale. Certainly diet and nutrition helped some with that, but I credit NF with the bulk of it. A ~40% increase in testosterone is insane, especially at this age.

Thanks to everyone on here for all the support and inspiration. I still come here every day or two because this is such an amazing place. Stick with it, you’ll be glad you did. Props to Alexander for making this reddit, its changed my life.

LINK – 90 Day Hard Mode Report w/ scientific proof!

by Yoda7