Age 41 – ED cured, more confident, social & driven, better memory and focus

So, I was wandering about the interwebs back in September 2012 when I discovered this sub and started reading. I quickly skipped over to when I saw the recommendations. What I read and watched on there convinced me this was highly relevant to my sexual issues. You see, I have suffered from what I now know was ED for many years. I used to think it was due to being shy or down to my catholic upbringing that told me sex was bad and I should feel guilty for my thoughts and desires.Nope.

I now know through the trial and error approach of removing all PMO from my life that it was the extreme internet P that screwed me up.

I can look back now and see how my initially successful sexual relations as a 17 year old gradually degraded as my exposure and use of P increased. Things went really screwy when the Internet happened along and I upped my consumption of harder and harder P a few notches every year.

My sexual issues evolved. I started to experience ED on first dates. This was very embarrassing. Sometimes a relationship would last long enough for me to get through it and enjoy normal sex. Sometimes it was the end of the relationship.

Things started bad with my current partner of 7 years. She is a good woman and stuck by me and we got through the ED but then I always seemed to be unable to finish. My multi-tabbed, video overloaded P experiences were leading to another problem: DE. At first I thought my extreme endurance was a good thing until it got to the point that neither of us could be bothered continuing for long enough for me to O. This was when I could be bothered to initiate with her or be bothered to respond when she did. For a few years I was in /r/deadbedrooms territory and I blamed her and the natural ebbing of desire for a long time partner that I thought was normal.

Anyway, to skip to the last 6 month before this wall of text kills you all. Through my experiences with NoFap (streaks of 28 days, a few days, a couple of weeks and now 90 days) I learned LOT:

1) My ED wasnt set in stone. It seemed to wax and wane in relation to my PMOing.

2) What I thought was my high sex drive (due to daily PMO) was in fact a false desire based on my screwed up brain chemistry and PMO addiction.

3) My real sex drive is fucking awesome. After about a week without action I get so unbelievably horny that I come up with with fun and original ploys for getting my partner into bed with me.

4) My partner is slowly starting to reciprocate as I can honestly tell her I am attracted to her and want to have sexy times with her.

5) Because I only ever O with her these days I am feeling so much closer to her. I need her and its showing outside of the bedroom too.

6) I’m more focused at work, no more trips to the toilet to break the boredom with a quick PMO session.

7) I sleep better and don’t need to stay up late for some private time before hitting the sack.

8) I’m more driven to achieve my goals. I have new goals.

9) I am meeting more people and I’m more confident in my interactions. This is helping my career and my social life.

10) My boners are no longer a bit limp and aimed at the ground. They point skyward now and could bang in nails if I was stuck for a hammer :] When I or my partner touches them it feels really great.

11) My memory is better, I am now bothered about remembering stuff that previously I just let slide.

12) Eye contact!

13) Flirting!

14) Morning wood!

15) Self control!

16) Feeling like a man!!!

If you want to call the above Superpowers you can. I know the new me is way better than the old PMO addicted me and its thanks to NoFap and YBOP. Thanks guys. Here is to our struggle. I wish you all the best.

And here is to the next 90 days.

TL;DR: NoFap works. PMO when out of control was bad for me. Life is better with a sex drive allowed to flourish.

LINK – 90 day report!!!!!

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I’m back. Fell of the wagon and need some help.

Hello fellow fapstronauts

I’m back to this sub as I have fallen back into old ways and I don’t like it. I need the support of the community, the encouragement of the daily incrementing badge and just the feeling I’m doing the right thing and there is benefit in it. I do better when I am a regular visitor here.

So I’m checking in. Hello fellow fapstronauts.