Age 41 – ED & Delayed ejaculation since age 19. Cured in 35 days

I’m seeing my new GF only on weekends, sometimes I don’t see her for 3 weeks. First time I went home with her was 2 months before starting on NoFap. My dick didn’t make a single move when we undressed and grinded, I didn’t get hard at all. I’ve known ED and DE since I was 19, but it had become a serious issue during the past 12 months – total impotence with women, even while watching porn getting and staying hard required more and more effort.

So I took the blue pill a couple of times with the GF, it worked for ED, but there was no way I could O, even the wildest fantasies didn’t help.

Last weekend (4th Week on NoFap) I didn’t take any helpers. I simply didn’t want to, it’s not healthy and taking Viagra is depressing somehow. But for the first time with her I had a good natural erection, solid on and off for about an hour, and I was much more aroused by her naked body. Still, I couldn’t O.

This time, on my 35th day, the magic did happen: kissing and touching the woman turned me on like never before, I was rock hard, and stayed hard even with a condom on. Now here’s the thing: I could have orgasmed at any time, and I finally did, uncontrollable, intense like hell, no fantasies and no extra stimulation needed – with a condom! I can’t even remember when this happened the last time, O with rubber between me and the girl.

I’m so grateful, fellow fapstronauts. It must have been at least 10 times where I’d have relapsed without you.

tl;dr: NoFap works for porn induced ED and DE. It may take a while, but even severe cases of ED do recover. Have faith!

THREAD –35 days in – ED gone, DE gone

by madebyhand


30 Years of Fapping. This has to stop. Now.


Hi Fapstronauts,

I’m one of you, but a little older. My story: – I’m 41 – I’m tall, quite good looking, successful. I never had trouble picking up girls, first PIV sex at the age of 13 – Into porn for over 30 years, mostly magazines in the 80ies, but some VHS videos as well – Lots and lots of PMO in my teen years, daily at least once, I’d say – Concentration problems in school started at 14 – Orgasm problems (PIV) started with 16, 17 – First ED problems started when I was 19 – Went to the doctor, couldn’t find anything – Same time motivation and drive decreased massively, sleep became an issue, became kind of depressed – Muddled through university, struggling with soft erections throughout my twens, PIV orgasms being really hard to achive – One exception: I went on holiday with a friend and we had that competition about not jerking off for 3 weeks. After 2 weeks I stared getting rock hard erections every morning that wouldn’t go away for ages. When I came back I had the best sex of my life with my girlfriend for a week, then ED kicked in again and I thought I must have an infection – Went to the doctor, couldn’t find anything, again, next doctor – nothing – Workoholism improved sex, partying as well (I simply masturbated less and had PIV instead) – In my late thirties the situation changed completely for good: I had a girlfriend an we fucked twice a day for almost a year. No ED at all, orgasm problems gone. No PMO – I simply didn’t have the time. – When she left, I escaped into PMO. Massively. An entire year, twice or 3 times a day. Sometimes I spent 8h straight on porn sites. Frustrated with my job, burnout was diagnosed, treated with various antidepressants. Quit the job. But nothing helped. I felt like becoming weaker and weaker every day. – Tried sex with an Ex GF – nothing, no erection at all. Started with the blue pills. They worked even on very low dosage, but no way of getting an orgasm. – Met other girls, samesame. Total ED. Got really frostrated. – Found YBOP and /r/NoFap and felt enlightened – stories like mine everywhere, maybe not 30y long, but very similar. – Started with NoFap immediately – It’s not easy, I have to admit. First, you suddenly realize how much time you’ve spent with Porn, second, you realize you’ve fapped every single day and your balls and prostate are used to that. You start feeling both organs all the time. And you keep thinking about your penis and sex and all that. Luckily I’m at work at daytime. – Whenever going gets tough, I visit /r/nofap on my private smartphone, it really helps incredibly keeping up the morale – Morning wood on day 3, but penis feels still small and limp. Sex would not be possible, pretty sure about that. – Day 4 I have some kind of blue balls. More energy already. – This is where I am today. I blamed so much on my childhood, on depressions, on hormonal imbalances, on work, on whatever. I’m about to believe, that the real reason for all that misery – from ED to lack of drive – lies in PMO. I’ll post the changes, it helps me with the challenge. I guess.

Wish me luck!

P.S.: I’m worrying about next weekend, when I’ll see my new GF in a hotel – should I use a pill or should I try to just cuddle and find excuses?



Cured, GF, relapsed, no GF –> Back in the saddle again.

Just reporting.

I started with NoFap almost 6 months ago, made 40+ days, was cured entirely from ED and DE, relapsed, but no more binges, just what I call “recreational fapping” to get relief from all work related stress. ED didn’t come back, DE did.

I left my new GF over nothing, some dispute and I said: no more. Looking back, I was stone cold again. And happy to get rid of yet another relationship. I’m so full of shit. Started smoking again after 10 years of abstinence. Started binge watching netflix originals. Yet another addiction.

Then I got back on the horse, something like 3 weeks ago. Went through the various stages – horniness, shriveled penis, total loss of libido. That’s where I’m at today.

Euphoria isn’t that great anymore about NoFap, I don’t expect it to solve all my private issues. But I feel good about it. We’ll see how it goes.