Age 42 – ED is nearly gone, Sensitivity much restored

It’s been 90 days folks! Where I started: moderate ED, insensitive, near-daily PMO habit. 42 years old. I’m healthy and active, this shouldn’t be happening to me. I’ve done some reading on here but less internet is better in general. Reading about others’ struggles tends to remind me of my own – not necessarily always the right thing.

I had recently started going out with a great woman who happened to be really sexy. The ED with her was a serious wake-up call; something had to be done! Anyhow she didn’t last – my near inability to actually have sex must have played a major role there. I had the amazing luck to meet another woman two months ago, who has been lovely and understanding (but my ED had already started to fade away when we first did the deed).

In the past 90 days, I’ve M’d maybe 7-8 times, almost all of them after a serious make-out session or near-sex. Blue balls, no, I cannot conquer ye. I’ve looked at swimsuit hotties or OKcupid a few times on the internet. Old fashioned PMO – exactly once. Deleted the whole collection around the halfway point.

I went through some weird “crazy dreams” etc. phase, but no actual nocturnal emissions. No flatlining, at least as I understand it. It certainly was a lot harder to quit than I expected. Recently I haven’t even thought about Ming though.

Now: ED – nearly gone. I’m easily able to have sex to orgasm, and control the timing pretty well. Rock hard erections are the norm, as many as three times in a day, in response to actual female touch (or just mornings). I might lose it occasionally if changing positions, or when giving oral. That’s it. That’s it!

Sensitivity – much restored. Far, far better. But not as good as I’d like. Is it age, is it permanent damage, or do I just need more time? Regardless of the answer, I’ll give it plenty more time.

I did not go from repulsive zombie to Brad Pitt in 90 days. I do not ooze testosterone walking down the street. I do not combine the sex powers of a teenager with the skill of a full grown man. But I feel a whole lot better about myself and my sex life and my relationships.

Huge win. Thanks Nofap! and YBOP. The next 90 days will be a cakewalk, not that I’ll be counting. Who does that? That’s weird. 🙂

LINK 90 days of trying; a report from a middle aged dude (self.NoFap)

by guiness123