Age 43 – 163 days: Not looking at women as sex objects but as people.

I relapsed last night-but I did not look at any porn. I woke up late at night, because I’m having trouble sleeping lately. I just said, hey, I’ve lasted 163 days, over 5 months, what an accomplishment. I did want to last a year, but I gave in to the urge to pleasure myself. It only took about 5 minutes, and it was pretty awesome. But not super awesome. I wish it was daytime because I would really have liked to see what kind of volume and consistency I shot out.

But anyway, I’m resetting my counter today and I don’t feel bad at all. It’s all been a success. I don’t look at porn anymore. I did slip up looking at the celebrity nudes a few times, that was bad. But I’m 43, and I’ve been PMOing for 30 years. I’ve turned my life around and I’ve won. Thanks to everyone on this great site.

If I can practice a bad habit for 30 years and then make an about-face to start healing myself, so can you. I feel much healthier. I haven’t felt too many superpowers, but I know that I am controlling myself. Self-control. Not looking at women as sex objects but as people.

When I’m ready I’ll start dating again and I won’t have any PMO problems in my next relationship. That’s awesome. Maybe I’ll get the blue spaceship this time!

LINK – I succeeded for 163 days, I’m a proud 43 year old.

by confapulations