Age 47 – My whole world in regard to women has slowly changed over the last three months.

This is my first go at this and I did not relapse. I have the benefit of experience from the 12 Steps of AA, so that does give me an advantage. I see so many newbies struggling. Noobs, read the instructions on the right side of the page. Don’t try and reinvent the wheel.

Don’t ask what to do or how to do this or why to do this. It’s all been covered many, many times. Come here for inspiration, to help others, to fine tune yourself, to share your experience, to kill off your self-pity, not for emergency surgery because your very life is hemorrhaging. I see a few saying this doesn’t work, that there are no superpowers, that they feel unchanged, that maybe they weren’t addicted to begin with. OK, fine, but get to 90 days before you say that. If you can’t make it to 90 then you can’t say it doesn’t work and you weren’t addicted.

For me, this has been a godsend. I do still feel a bit tired, but not that crushing lethargic feeling of days gone by. I’m getting more accomplished lately. I’ve always had my To Do list written down, but now things get done faster. House remodeling jobs are moving faster. I could do both remodeling and To Do items even more quickly, but I’m exercising every day now. I’ve exercised, either weights or cardio, for 74 days in a row now!To me, that is focus, that is persistence, that is all the things we do this for, to accomplish the BIG goals. For me, that’s getting in shape and scoring a few more babes before I get too far over the hill. Attention from women comes quite a bit more often when you have a few muscles, no belly and can look them in the eye.

Now that I’ve laid the groundwork, it just so happens that I have a new babe a friend introduced me to. This female friend may have been admiring my physique and bearing around the neighborhood. At any rate, she felt inclined to introduce me to a totally fine woman. The woman she introduced me to is an avid tennis player. We did a foursome meet and greet, now I have her number and we are going to go out on our own in a couple of weeks. There have been other women that have shown interest and I have another one that will be a side deal, but the tennis chick has real promise for a long term relationship. My whole world in regard to women has slowly changed over the last three months. It wasn’t an earthquake, it was small changes over a period of time, eye contact, tips from NoFap, sticking with NoFap over time, it was everything together that brought this about.

Be willing to go to any lengths to win. Success is out there, just waiting for you to take it.

LINK –  90 Days in 90 Days

by FistfulOfSuperpowers