Age 48 – ED cured, feel more alive & confident. More friendly, bold, and flirty with women.

Today, after over a year of working on my PMO addiction, going through personal troubles including divorce, and working on developing myself personally, I finally made it to 90 days straight with no PMO. I haven’t edged or deliberately sought out or looked at erotica during that time, and did consistently try to avoid overly arousing material.

I’ve recently posted about seeing improvements in my “normal” sexual response. I was in pretty deep to start with, PMO in the morning and evening, occasionally going all night and then being exhausted or calling into work the next day.

I am an addict, I will always be one. But on one level I have broken free of the chain that previously bound so tightly to me and constrained my life. I started PMO when I was around 14, internet porn around 5-10 years ago, and I am currently 48. So over 30 years. I was completely PIED. I really think if I can get to this point, just about anyone can.

Thank you very much, to the nofap community and

From here I continue along on the same journey as all of you. It will be a life long journey of commitment and resolution. But this is an important milestone to me, and I appreciate the communities’ support of me and everyone else here.

Thank you so much.

LINK – Rejoice! I made it to 90 days!

by miketr2009


EARLIER COMMENTStarted No Fap 1 year ago, now I’m 9 days to my first 90 days- time for a countdown.

A little over a year ago I took No Fap seriously, realizing I had a PIED problem and an addiction to PMO, and started working on it. At first, I could go two weeks pretty consistently, but it was difficult to get beyond that. Once I got to 84 days, so close! But I had more emotional support then.

I’ve relapsed lots of times but I just learn from my mistakes- what did I do that prompted the relapse? How can I stop that from happening again? What things can I do to make relapsing more difficult to do? What is missing from my life, that I feel a need to PMO? I’ve written tons about that journey over the past year, it’s in my history.

A big part of getting this far has been the support and learning from the nofap community and yourbrainonporn’s resources. Now that I have under ten days, I feel like I’m on a countdown now to blastoff towards my next 90 days once I hit the first 90. Being able to get that far will be a watershed moment for me. That should be on Sunday, September 14. I’m going to stay the course, keep my thoughts on track, and count down those days like counting down to the New Year. That’s what it will be like to me, a New Year, a sense of finally having achieved a hard-fought goal. I am determined to reach it. Be Strong!

What benefits did you experience through out this abstinence?

Actually, I thought all of that was a bunch of bunk, and was worried that it wouldn’t cure my PIED either, but I have noticed various effects.

Physically, I have been getting strong morning/night time wood for some time now, and I started getting erections again without touching myself or looking at pics/vids. mentally, I feel my emotions more clearly and intense, so I feel more alive, and, while I was never socially inept, it is true, I was surprised, that I am even more confident and now find it much easier to, for example, maintain eye contact with women. Also, my desire to be around women has increased dramatically, making me more friendly, bold, and flirty with them.

Also, from a practical perspective, I get probably about a free extra hour or two a day on average that I used to use with PMO and the stuff surrounding it. I can now have time for other stuff, or to get more sleep.

How is that? Do you have any more specific questions?