Age 49 – ED cured, Girlfriend is happy, and my life has improved

I feel like one of the lucky ones, after all the posts I’ve read on here. Maybe I never was addicted, or maybe the shock was so great seeing the Ted Talk on and matching all the symptoms that my resolve to fix myself immediately was greater than most.

I don’t know, but what I will say is in a short time I’ve cured my ED, hitting 90 days on my first try.

I’m 49. Fapped for the first time at 18, after my first “real” (read: sexual) girlfriend. That was over 30 years ago, and like damn near everyone here I’ve been fapping ever since. About 18 months ago ED cropped up, I thought it was just stress, maybe needed a better diet, etc. I had no idea when I’d “test the equipment myself” to prove it still worked fine that I was reinforcing PIED. Now I know much better…

I’m not going to kid you, I joined NoFap specifically because I could not maintain an erection with a woman. And of course other things are naturally tied to that like self-confidence. But that was the primary goal, cure PIED.

After 90 days I can tell you I am so much improved. I had sex again for the first time at day 80 – I didn’t plan to go that long but it probably helped my reboot. The sex the last 2 weekends with my new girlfriend has been fantastic.

Interesting side-note: while we were still getting comfortable with each other we slept together a couple of nights with clothes on. She was going away for a week and suggested that I could take matters into my own hands until she returned. When I said that’s not an option and explained why, what PIED was, etc., she listened intently, then said she now realizes that was her former boyfriend’s problem. She even went so far as to buy Viagra for him! But he seemed to prefer porn to her. She is a little cautious with me because of her recent experience. But it really was something to hear her ask me last weekend if I’d really had ED! She is now a big fan of NoFap! She texted me congratulations on 90 days and said it’s been wonderful enjoying the results with me – please keep that in mind my brothers!! Women want you to get better and share in the rewards!!

What I did: I basically just changed a few things in my life to try to set myself up to succeed. The first was the computer – It stays on my dining room table, never on my coffee table (favorite fapping spot) or in my bedroom. I don’t have any filters, I just-don’t-watch-porn anymore. I try to always maintain an above-the-belt policy, keeping the hands above the waist and reminding myself that masturbation is just not an option for me. I told two friends about this, one guy and one woman. I exercise more, and feel more powerful because of it, and I do take some cold showers. I read The Power of Habit, diagramming my porn habit loop and figuring out new habits to replace it with. I got out of the house and out of my comfort zone, one of the best being going dancing with 8 women I didn’t even know – that’s how I met my new lady-friend 🙂

Superpowers: Am I more confident? Yes, because I’ve put the work in to cure myself, and know I don’t have anything to hide anymore. Am I more powerful? Yes, not incredibly so, but again because I put the work in at the gym and on the roads. Am I more attractive? At least to one woman. Is my focus better? Still working on that one! Has my life improved? DEFINITELY. Is NoFap worth it? Without a doubt.

Trust me, I’m not heading off to celebrate 90 days with a little PMO. This is just the beginning. If I can do it, you can do it. I wish everyone the best of luck as you continually work to improve your lives!!

LINK – 90 Day Report

by tomnop1965