Age 49 – I feel like Nofap is just one part of a whole-life reboot for me

Hi /r/NoFap, here’s my 90 day report. This idea came at a turbulent time in my life. I’m 49M, going through a divorce so now living alone. For about a year after separating, I was medicating myself with PMO… I’d formed this habit during the marriage thanks to a deadbedroom situation. Then in September last year I arrived here, via a link from a NSFW sub.

I feel like Nofap is just one part of a whole-life reboot for me. Some might call it a mid-life crisis, or my reaction to it, more correctly. As well as this, I am journaling, reading for self improvement, exercising regularly, and I started a new job. That would be one of my messages to you, which others have said – you’ve got to do more that just stop jerking it, to improve your life.

So after 90 days I feel better about myself because I’m no longer a chronic masturbator. But I know I can improve myself still more. I’m starting a new relationship with a lady that cares about me, but the New Me that isn’t afraid to get my needs met makes it more challenging. I’m not totally free of porn yet – 53 days pornfree – plan to hit at least 90 there before taking the filters down. I need to work on procrastination and motivation at work.

I’m really thankful to all the fapstronauts who offer inspiration, motivation and testimonies. My role in this community has been as a supporter: I’ve made thousands of comments but only posted maybe 10 threads. Though I am older than most, I like to hear from anyone: young, old; male, female; religious, not. I hate to see posts go without any replies. So that’s my second message – support others and it will help you, too.

And the obligatory TL;DR: Nofap got me through tough times; make Nofap part of your whole-life improvement; and support your fellow fapstronauts.

jd158ug, over and out!

LINK – 90 Day Report (older guy). Never stop improving!

by jd158ug