Age 50 – Cured after 7 years of ED

I’m 50. Been MOing multiple times a day since as long as I can remember. Seriously since before I was 8. Didn’t even know what sex was but that didn’t stop me. Only Mom’s Cosmo magazines were around.

Then MTV, TMC, Playboy, CineMax & HBO with a descrambler I built back in the 80s. Ah, those were the days! And then finally PMO to VCR tapes ordered through the mail in the 80 to the 90’s with some pictures from 56k bulletin boards. Finally high speed internet PMO in the late 90’s to just last month. Now that’s a lot of PMO and its pretty embarrassing.

Lucky for me I’ve had GFs since high school so I did learn how to have real sex but the PMO was still daily.

Suddenly around 7 years ago got ED big time. It was like an off switch. Wouldn’t even work for my fav P! Went to the doc with the GF at that time in tow who knew nothing about the PMO and all tests were fine. Slightly low T but that wouldn’t cause the complete lack of life down there. Got Cialis prescribed and I was back in business with the GFs and PMOing daily for another 7 years!

A little over a month ago the Cialis would sometimes no longer work with the GF and that’s when I did an internet search on “Porn ED”. Holy crap was I surprised at what I was reading.

I figured what can I lose and immediately stopped the PMO with only one M in the shower without an erection the first week and one the second week but still with no erection at all. After that it was dead down there for the rest of the 30 days. Flatline I guess. I just happen to be between GFs so it is perfect timing.

I hung in there for the rest of the 30 or so days and then it happened I had my first wet dream ever! Morning wood only once or twice now. Again in the shower I then started fantasizing about a very memorable sexual situation with a GF and I actually got pretty hard. I celebrated with M but felt good about it because it actually works now!

This freakin works!

Then some knucklehead posted the site he used in his blog here and I went to it because I never heard of it. I watched one vid and completely PMO’d. But I only lasted like 5 minutes. It didn’t get me angry with myself because I was just so happy to have an erection without the Cialis. I’ve been good since (a week or so) and can still get erect just thinking about my xGFs. I can’t believe I waited this long and I can’t wait until I get my next GF!
So in a nutshell about a month without any PMO and I’m seeing major progress. I just had to share this with someone.

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by  Waited_so_Long