Age 50 – ED is cured, morning wood is back

How I reach day 94? Because I got a reason do to it. I had a severe ED problem related to video porn, fapping (one time per day, seven days per week!) and age (50 years old). My wife doesnt know about my PMO habit, and she believes my ED problem was HER fault. She asked me 95 days ago what I wanted: she could do anything. Then I felt her sadness. I cant confess my own fault. However, I can change my behavior. So, I did nofap because I want to enjoy sex with my wife, just as she wants to enjoy sex with me.

These days were rough: I have looked at porn several times, I have sex with my wife, and not masturbation.

My ED problem is gone: I have recover my morning wood, and erections related to seeing and hearing my wife (related to reality).

Still I feel the urges to fap. However, I developed new responses: change of activity, wash my face and hands, go for a short walk, drink some water, go for a little talk with other real persons.


LINK – Day 94 post

by linus_rules