Age 50 – Sexual Health Back On Track

I am a fifty-year old lifetime porn user. My porn use started with the women’s underwear section of the sear catalog when I was around 6 and spans the entire latter half of the 20th century. Books, magazine, online pics, erotic stories, and finally, internet video. My entire life I’ve had delayed ejaculation and could only cum with my hand and porn.

By the time I finished college,I had a notch count in the 20s, but had only gotten off with a woman five times.

The wife and I made love last night, you know, like normal people. I had no Porn induced erectile dysfunction (PIED). And my DE is gone, too.

I am 34 days porn free and I am over 99% nofap for 34 days.

It works. You do recover.

LINK – Sexual Health Back On Track

by fnordsnord